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  1. Thyrwyn

    UA Waterborne Adventures: New from Unearthed Arcana

    The feat "Athlete" overlaps the Thief's Second Story Work feature. There is some overlap between the Barbarian's Danger Sense and the Dungeon Delver feat. Mountain Dwarves who do not get shield proficiency from their class have to take the Moderately armored feat if they want to get that...
  2. Thyrwyn

    UA Waterborne Adventures: New from Unearthed Arcana

    That's actually how I did read it on my first (quick) read through...
  3. Thyrwyn

    5E As a Player, what would be your Ideal Campaign?

    You are a player looking for a new game. You have just moved to a new city, so none of your gaming friends are available. If you could pick the ideal campaign, as a player, what would it be? What are the important elements that a campaign would need to have to keep you going back week after...
  4. Thyrwyn

    5E New Wandering Monsters - Deities & Demigods - 02/19

    Deities & Demigods New Article Now we're getting to the good stuff :) I feel that they have to include some world-building - and Deities & Demigods are essential to that IMHO. How does everyone else feel?
  5. Thyrwyn

    4E Disarm in 4E

    regicide had it right on page 1. when you reduce the creature to zero and choose not to kill him, he is disarmed. The at-will/encounter/daily distribution is an attempt to regulate in-combat events by their significance and impact on the plot. The impact (especially on a PC) of being...
  6. Thyrwyn

    4E From the 4e MM preview: Astraljamming?!

    Am I the only one who gets the whole 'Sinbad sailing off the edge of the world to get to Tartarus' vibe from this? (from the animated Sinbad, of course. . .)
  7. Thyrwyn

    3E/3.5 WotC Rejecting 3.5 Writers?

    I am with DragonBlade on this one: IF Nick is a Paizo employee (not just freelancing for them), then WoTC has done what any sensible company would do to to preserve their intellectual property and product. You do not hire competitors as freelancers. Period. Anyone who cares to argue that...
  8. Thyrwyn

    4E 4e timeline

    My impressions regarding the Dwarves matches CommonBlade's.
  9. Thyrwyn

    4E 4e classes and mechanics for other settings

    Ang Lee did do Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. No GUN-fu in there, but lots of 'fu. . .
  10. Thyrwyn

    4E 4E: The Biggest Changes in any D&D Edition Switch

    The crunch changes from 2e => 3e were pretty huge. The changes to "monsters" alone was huge: they got basic attributes, could be given levels, and played as characters. 2e core cosmology? I can't remember any core gods at all - were there any?
  11. Thyrwyn

    4E 4e: the new paradigm

    I think this is a really key point. The nature/explainability/'mere existance' of pre-encounter and per-day abilities is probably the biggest source of contention/discussion regarding the new rules that we have seen so far. One camp wants a clear connection between player action/experience...
  12. Thyrwyn

    4E 4e: the new paradigm

    I agree, it has been an interesting discussion. This sums up the rational for every evil humanoid in the cosmology: orcs, kobolds, gnolls, goblins, bugbears, etc. . . . could all be summed up as "x hd bad-guy with [picka]-vision". With you so far. . . See, this is not how I see it at all. The...
  13. Thyrwyn

    4E 4e Monster List - Dwarven Nosepicker & Elven Butt Scratcher

    This echoes my feelings exactly, and many times over.
  14. Thyrwyn

    4E 4e Healing - Is This Right?

    If we are going to use the argument that "they are 'real' wounds because the spell is called Cure Light Wounds", it is relevant to point out that by that reasoning a 'light' wound constitutes "any injury capable of killing the vast majority of the populace", since most 'people' are 1st lvl, and...
  15. Thyrwyn

    4E The problem I've having with 4e.

    This is the one I prefer to go with. The thing is that the characters don't know how many 'uses' they have. The character may have been trying the maneuver all day ("My Swordmaster said I should work on my Passing Attack . . . "). The character may continue to try the maneuever after they...
  16. Thyrwyn

    4E 4E Mechanics can reduce the need for combat!

    Would the corrolary apply as well? Intricate rules for social encounters would provide incentive for social encounters?
  17. Thyrwyn

    4E 4E: The day the game ate the roleplayer?

    WooHoo - what he said. . . please pass the Legos :)
  18. Thyrwyn

    3E/3.5 4E Simulationism: Did 3.5E Really Do That Good of a Job?

    Wars will still be brutal - grunt NPCs are "monsters" and have no healing surges, and Clerics and Paladins (even NPC Clerics and Paladins) are still rare. Actually, most are probably minions and die if they lose any hit points at all. I am assuming that PCs and NPCs will have the ability to...
  19. Thyrwyn

    4E AICN 4e Review Part 2: DMing 4e

    I only rate this at one "Wow". :)
  20. Thyrwyn

    4E Going/Not Going to 4E which edition did you start with?

    Definitely switching to 4e: I started with the very 1st AD&D Player's handbook in 1979 and have played every editions since. Played pretty much every RPG that came out in the '80's - but mostly RQ, Space Opera, and Aftermath. Never played 'basic' D&D. . .