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  1. bedir than

    Level Up (A5E) For Your Consideration: Other Origins and Heritages

    In the heritage playtest there are the legacy 'races' as well as Orc and Tiefling. Was there thought about the various giantkin - ogre, goliath, firbolg, half-giants, etc? I've actually combined two into the goliath as a race and then mountain (standard goliath) and firbolg (forest) as subraces...
  2. bedir than

    World Creation, as a travel guide instructs children

    Wildsam makes travel guides. They tend towards the off-the-beaten path type of thing, with a lot of narrative and experiential elements. You could read one of their guides and feel as if you toured the city without visiting it. Due to the pandemic they put out a five-page instruction booklet...
  3. bedir than

    5E Why is there a Forgery Kit?

    I love the tools, kits, instruments, etc in 5th edition. Most of them make sense, and they are one of the best ways to add 'civilian' flavor to your character. A couple of them frustrate me. Today I want to talk about the forgery kit. The activity of forgery is quite important, especially in...
  4. bedir than

    5E Does Slashing/Piercing/Bludgeoning even matter?

    Are these legacy traits at all useful mechanically, or are they there so that we understand the narrative behind the weapon? Asking, because I've considered a subclass that specializes in one of these (as opposed to light, finesse, ranged).
  5. bedir than

    5E Power of Various Schools of Magic?

    Are certain schools of magic more powerful than others, the way that certain saves are? I'm asking as Arcane Tricksters only access two schools (basically), while an Eldritch Knight gets Abjuration and Evocation and then even more access.
  6. bedir than

    5E Druid with Animal Companion - how to build?

    I may have finally convinced my wife to try D&D. The mini I picked out is from the Wardling line at WizKids, because I knew that she'd want a companion (plus I guess it's just the two of us for a few more weeks). Thing is I think she's more of a Druid than a Ranger. How would you build a 5e...
  7. bedir than

    WotC D&D movie will focus on Eye of Vecna

    https://comicbook.com/gaming/2019/11/27/dungeons-and-dragons-movie-forgotten-realms-eye-of-vecna/ Reads like a quest story with rival groups of generally good and generally evil characters set in the Realms.
  8. bedir than

    5E Removing Subraces as a Power Up

    I'm trying to simplify some of my world/campaign's house rules. I had a lot of legacy-leaning 1/2e things (like racial minuses). I'm now leaning towards the 5e theory that races should have bonuses, not negatives. I want to lean into the idea that the PCs are heroes. My theory in the second...
  9. bedir than

    5E Resistance & Rebellion

    I'm in the process of creating a small packet for DMsGuild that is inspired by various movements of commoners to rise up against the nobles in charge. I'm looking at Brust's Cawti and Kelly, America's Paine & Adams, and Card's Val and Peter for much of this. Writing here I want to make sure I...
  10. bedir than

    Using Sneak Attack to power non-damaging abilities

    I'm working on a skills expert subclass that fits best onto the Rogue framework, because skills expert that doesn't have magic. The Pamphleteer's abilities are generally buffs/debuffs and I'm thinking of powering them using Sneak Attack. The cost would be X Sneak Attack dice that become...
  11. bedir than

    Borrowing/stealing from Adventures in Middle Earth for 5e

    I got both the books because I'm a sucker for Tolkien and I enjoy 5e. There are some things that I'm wondering about porting over to my home game. The first is basically theft rather than inspiration. I like a ton of the virtues, but because AiME isn't as potent as standard 5e DnD the feats...
  12. bedir than

    Fighter: Warlord translating to Rogue:Warlord

    As Mearls develops the Fighter:Warlord it makes me think about a somewhat similar concept that I've desired, the non-Magical Bard. As I've read way too much about the Warlord I start to see some of what I like about early Bards, with little or no magic. An aside seems necessary. I'm returning...
  13. bedir than

    5E What 3 books would you take to do campaign/session prep while on vacation?

    I do not have DnD Beyond, which means taking traditional books with me as I travel internationally for a week. I'm going to spend some of this time working on my campaign and the next few sessions (Pirate town theme). I have the following APs -- Tomb of Annihilation, Tales of the Yawning Portal...
  14. bedir than

    Urban Shepherd Druid beast shapes question

    I'm wondering what type of beasts would fit an urban Druid: Shepherd. I'm angling for a street urchin who fell in love with the tamed and untamed animals of the city. Finding beasts at 1/2 CR and lower is easy, but is there anything that makes sense at 1 and 2? Sent from my [device_name]...
  15. bedir than

    5E Building out backstory for a neophyte player

    I have a player who is quite new to DnD and we are building out his backstory. He is a goliath fighter (scout) who was once enslaved. Unlike most in the world he has no knowledge of his tribal history. The basics are that he has the blood of the phoenix (which in my world is the size of the roc...
  16. bedir than

    5E Playable Orc, minor rework

    Per Volo's the Orc is basically a Half-Orc minus INT, Relentless Endurance and Savage Attack, plus Powerful Build and Aggression (away from book, the thing that allows extra movement). I am pondering the idea that the Orc could have subracial variants that are essentially pick any two of RE...
  17. bedir than

    5E What playable race would make the worst/oddest Monk?

    I'm willing to include even those in SCAG, Player's Guide to Elemental Evil or the expected listings in Volo's Guide. Tonight, I was thinking about my homebrew, and how the goblinoids would make interesting monks. This would be especially true for the hobgoblin and bugbear versions as those are...
  18. bedir than

    5E When writing a session recap up how clear do you make the clues?

    I write up session recaps over on a site for the campaign. I've drifted between a narrative style, a more historical accounting and a just-facts version. I'm curious as to how many clues and hooks you include in these, if you do them. Do you make it clear that something is a hook, or only list...
  19. bedir than

    5E Halfling non-magical damage options in the first tier of play

    Currently I think a rogue, particularly the swashbuckler or assassin, will put out the most damage over three rounds for a non-magical halfling. Other options - Fighter with a spear in versatile, or a rapier. What else should I look at to be a little person who deals out damage?
  20. bedir than

    How many intelligent (playable?) races does your worldspace have?

    Myself, in the World of the Everyflow, started allowing just three playable races. One of those was basically ignored (of the 13 people who have played more than a session only 1 picked my version of goliath). Everyone else is a human or halfling. As they explored the world they met the sexually...