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    TSR Jim Ward: Demons & Devils, NOT!

    So YOU were the culprit for these horrible names! ;) An american who visited a friend here in Germany explained to us one day why these names were changed, almost unthinkable over here in Germany. Thanks for the anecdote, and your part of creating this great game! PS: Drawmij... OMG, I didn't...
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    5E Balance at high levels - and a possible house rule

    So many variables: DM experience, player experience, group structure, encounters per day, ... In my - now over 30 years - experience of AD&D, D&D and Pathfinder, all the above variables are still overuled by one important thing: The party usually works together, not against each other. Sure, on...
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    5E Impact of size on Monk's Stunning Blow ability

    It's a fantasy game, so is the "pressure point" stuff... (I've experienced that myself in sparring, with some kind of black belt - it was ridiculous!) This size limit does NOT make sense and limits the monk's ability too much.
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    Tools & Apps for online RPG conferencing

    Thanks to you guys! Last weekend we tried roll20 - and good that we tested one evening before the actual session... roll20 looks good, I like the options, being used to CAD programs it wasn't hard for me to learn the basic stuff to run the VTT for my player. But the communication didn't work, so...
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    RPG Fitness (At-Home Workouts)

    Burpees, just burpees... :D
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    Tools & Apps for online RPG conferencing

    Hello, in times of the Plague when "social distancing" is required, we still want to play D&D / Pathfinder. So let's try it online... but how? Any good apps & tools & whatever to play online with about 5 players (with hopefully good enough internet speed)? Should be compatible on several OS /...
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    5E Poll: What D&D setting do you want to have an official 5E book?

    Rokugan, Greyhawk, Dark Sun Remember the 3e Oriental? Great book, content & artwork close to perfect.
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    5E Eberron Is Here Today!

    Many things to look up! First thing I was looking for was a description of "lightning rail", then other stuff and places. Would have been nice.
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    5E Eberron Is Here Today!

    I gave this book to my son as a christmas present. We both played DDO, so we knew a little about Eberron, guilds, dragonmarks, dragonshards, warforged, that's it. We never had any Eberron book / material. So our "verdict": it's good, we like it! Many race options, plus a seemingly (not yet...
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    5E Tell me about your Adventures in Middle-Earth experiences, please

    We quit after a few sessions, missing a little the typical D&D magic level. The rules and books are nicely done, capturing the Tolkien feel, mostly balanced, only the slayer (=barbarian) class is a little OP in a world with mostly weapon damage. Playing some classes really require to be mainly...
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    5E Martial arts for other classes

    That is the common misconception. Just because you're strong means you're just hitting somewhere? That would mean: Strength + Dex on damage! + Dex on attack roll, fine. But not on damage. The example you mention is a good example for kind-a special finesse / precision damage, like sneak attack...
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    5E Martial arts for other classes

    "Martial Arts", hmmm, let me spoil your party (and be the smartass). Using weapons is "Martial Arts", and far more effective than unarmed strikes. Believe me, I tried it (only in training!). Gimme a good kitchen knife and I could probably kill a real world karate champion. Anyway...
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    5E House rule for Victorian era aesthetic - no armor

    Too complex - no. "kludge" - yes. Why not keep it as is? In a world with guns dexterity becomes even more important. This - basically keep it as is:
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    TSR The Making and Breaking of Deities & Demigods

    Thanks for the (hi)story! And even more for these great books. Legends & Lore was by far my favourite AD&D book. Still sad that I cannot find it anymore, got to ask my old D&D friends....
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    TSR The Making and Breaking of Deities & Demigods

    Thanks for the (hi)story! And even more for these great books. Legends & Lore was by far my favourite AD&D book. Still sad that I cannot find it anymore, got to ask my old D&D friends....
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    5E Kids playing dnd?

    I started playing Pathfinder (full core rules) with my kids when they were 11 (son) / 8 (daughter), with 2 friends of them the same age. The big boys really gripped it fast, but they are both rather talented in the math & logic division. We switched to 5e about 4 years ago, I really prefer 5e -...
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    1E Mearls on AD&D 1E

    4 things: 1) there was a pretty good DM 2) with a pretty good adventure 3) with pretty good (and hopefully pretty, oh, RPG nerds forget it...) co-players 4) he was PUI (Playing Under Influence of pretty good drugs) :D Honestly, I played 1e, the first time I ever played RPGs in 1986. Let me say...
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    Legendary Magic Items - your experiences?

    Hello, I just browsed the DM's guide again and just for the fun of it was dreaming about my paladin having one (or more!) legendary items one day... (far away, if ever, now we are level 4). As I also DM, my "DM-side" thought: "I'd never gave this one out!" when looking at some items. For...
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    5E halforc paladin level 4 - ASI?

    Hi everybody, I'm playing a halforc paladin of Tyr and we just reached level 4. Feats are allowed, which makes it really hard for me to decide - too many options! (see below) He's the typical sword & board, heavy armor, strength paladin with the following stats: Str 16 Dex 10 Con 14 Int 10...
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    5E Adventure idea, missing links - help please!

    Hi, I was just told that we're going to play tomorrow, and I need some help. It's my our family campaign (ages 10..15) and I recently had the ideato get them into a classical horror / vampire story. FYI, they are 4 players, D&D 5e, level 8: he sorcerer, hu druid, we ranger, ha rogue. I think I...