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  1. Andor

    SF Starfinder Silliness

    An inverse Dalek rule? Are you saying Daleks are ninjas?
  2. Andor

    SF Mecha Rules for Starfinder?

    While the Starship building rules are a sensible format for mecha construction rules (also look at the classic battletech), my intuition is that the vehicle rules are probably the right section of the rules to run them under. Although really it depends on what sort of mechs we're talking...
  3. Andor

    SF Starfinder rockets to the top on Amazon!

    One thing that struck me about the expansion bays is that they seem to be poorly thought out. By which I mean the sizing is somewhat inconsistent and that large ships don't have nearly enough of them. For example a single bay defaults to a cargo bay which can hold about 25 tons with no single...
  4. Andor

    SF Starfinder rockets to the top on Amazon!

    What would you even have to do? Rejigger the item list, refluff the mechanic as an Eberron style arificer and you're good to go.
  5. Andor

    PF1E Pathfinder Shopping advice

    So in my current pathfinder campaign we're in town to do some shopping. Yay! My 8th level Cavalier is in the Order of the Tome and has a shiny new ability to use any divine scroll. Only, I don't know the spell casting lists in Pathfinder and honestly don't have much interest in trying to...
  6. Andor

    Obligation and Duty and Morality (Oh My)

    I've played a fair amount of the various FFG 40k games. This is a series of 5 RPGs which, in spite of portraying the same universe and using what is ostensibly the same system are not particularly compatible. In fact they have a lot of compatibility traps and weird differences between them. So...
  7. Andor

    5E The missing mechanic

    I've been mulling over the idea for a base class centered around magical effects which are more available than spells, which necessitates a balance mechanic of some sort of, and then it occurred to me that the Rune Scribe handed me the missing element on a silver platter. A single base class...
  8. Andor

    Laws in your campaign

    I was reading, with some amusement, this article and in it I was surprised to read that to even discuss the issue of succession is illegal in Thailand. This is even harsher than the European Lèse majesté laws I was familiar with. On further reading it seems likely that the laws are being...
  9. Andor

    5E Character Options

    In 5th edition we are presented with two optional systems for adding additional options for character growth, to wit: multiclassing and feats. Given that multiclassing in it's various forms has been a fixture ever since AD&D and feats have been with us for 15 years now most people take these as...
  10. Andor

    5E 5e DND paladin/cleric build - broken? OP? Can I make it OP?

    Well, that's very much between you and your GM. And it does depend heavily on how everything is fluffed. For example an Oath of Ancients Paladin and a Fey Pact warlock could easily have both oaths sworn to the same Fey lord (or different ones if you want faerie politics to be an issue.) An Oath...
  11. Andor

    4E 4e Tiefling Battlemind

    True, but I figure the redeeming power is Lightning Rush. The turn cycle really runs from the end of my last turn until the end of this one, and lightning rush +2 pp means I will often get an attack before my turn starts. Then they are slowed or prone and vulnerable. And of course Brutal Barrage...
  12. Andor

    4E 4e Tiefling Battlemind

    Well my thought had been to duel wield Kopesh and Net. The Kopesh benefits from the Tiefling weapon training so +2/1d8+2 (Brutal 1) plus it's a heavy blade which works with HBO and Headsman's chop. As I understand 4e duel wielding rules you can use any given power with either weapon as you...
  13. Andor

    4E 4e Tiefling Battlemind

    Thanks for the help! That makes sense, yet also seems weird in 4e. So if someone takes damage from a zone they have not been hit? If a Monk uses his flurry of blows he can do damage but it's not a hit? It makes it really hard to tell when riders work and when they don't. If my character has...
  14. Andor

    4E 4e Tiefling Battlemind

    No one? Okay, any opinions on whether the Net, powerful as it is, is worth taking up the MC feat slot? Otherwise I could grab something like a Monk MC feat to open up Soaring blade, or fighter for the various weapon feats.
  15. Andor

    4E 4e Tiefling Battlemind

    I've never had much of a chance to play 4e, but my GM has expressed interest in running a game so I've been poking about the internet to see what I could come up with. I find the idea of a tiefling battlemind intriguing for a variety of reasons and any help or guidance that could be offered on...
  16. Andor

    X-Com: the Redshirtening

    I've been enjoying the x-com franchise in it's various guises for almost 20 years now and while trying out the long war mod it's been preying on my mind what a great rpg it could make. I don't have any particular system in mind. D20 Modern wouldn't be bad, but it wouldn't really be good either...
  17. Andor

    5E Evil enough?

    Okay, so one of my players wants to switch characters. He made up a tiefling warlock but he misunderstood tielfling lore and thought he was supposed the be the first generation son of a devil. So he wrote up a backstory about how he was raised by his mother alone in a shack until the day he...
  18. Andor

    5E "Monster density" and wilderness settlements in D&D campaign worlds

    Your scenario is accurate, if the orcs are a raiding party striking deep into well settled territory, akin to vikings raiding far up a river perhaps. That's not the OPs question however. He asked about the monster infested frontier. If the Orcs attack at night the farmers are inside a...
  19. Andor

    5E Optimal Multiclassing

    Multiclassing in 5e is well done. The cost of multiclassing is delayed progression in your primary class which pushes back all sorts of juicy things like spell level progression, extra attacks and stat bumps/feats. Furthermore multiclassing into a class does not give you everything the class...
  20. Andor

    3E/3.5 What are the major differences between 5E and 3.5E?

    Bounded accuracy is a big one. It means the difference between a Fighters to Hit roll at 1st and 20th level is likely to be 9 (+4 Prof bonus + 2 stat and +3 weapon) instead of 30+ Collarary to this is that monsters remain useful over vastly greater ranges of PC levels. An Ogre is a good boss...