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  1. Leatherhead

    UA Why UA Psionics are never going to work in 5e.

    To start off with, I will remind everyone about Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Unearthed Arcana: It's a series of articles that provide the internet at large playtest material for 5e. After a publishing a PDF and waiting for a irregular period of time, the 5e Game Devs at Wizards of the Coast...
  2. Leatherhead

    5E D&D Beyond: Stats for Classes.

    In the latest D&D Beyond Dev Update, Adam Bradford (Nice shout out btw~) goes over statistic distribution inside of the classes. (Spoiler, it's more or less exactly what you would expect) Pictures below for those who can't watch YouTube:
  3. Leatherhead

    Cats: A review by someone who knew nothing before seeing it.

    Warning: I'm spoiling the heck out of this movie. Disclaimer: I'm not big into musicals. I find it harder than it should be to figure out what people are saying when they are singing. Possibly due to slight hearing loss. There are a number of people online who say that the movie has no...
  4. Leatherhead

    5E Which UA subclasses do you think will make it this time?

    The approval rate needed for UA material to become official is 70% or so. Meaning 70% of the playertester base has to like it before it can potentially see a book. Otherwise the idea is scrapped, though individual abilities or parts of ideas that test well might be cannibalized for future UAs...
  5. Leatherhead

    5E The Consolidated List of Psionic UA Subclass Options.

    Because of the most recent UA, people are worried about the Mystic/Psion being dropped in favor of it becoming a Wizard Subclass. Any truth to this would be a half truth. Yes there would be a Wizard subclass, but there are also a bunch of other subclasses that would also be psionic too, and I...
  6. Leatherhead

    5E Preview of Eberron Rising!

    Adam Koebel uploaded a preview video of the new Eberron Rising from the Last War:
  7. Leatherhead

    5E UA interviews: The possible future for Pet Subclasses in 5e.

    Listening to the D&D Beyond interviews for the new UA, it seems like WotC has heard the feedback about pet classes. Talking about the Wildfire pet as it compares to other subclasses begins at the 4:03 mark. For those that are curious about the other subclass interviews, here you go...
  8. Leatherhead

    5E D&D Beyond: Updated Character Popularity

    In the latest D&D Beyond broadcast, they updated the lists for the most popular character classes and races on the platform. Out of 8.8 Million characters(!), and apparently "'Paid VS non-Paid' doesn't alter this dramatically, at all."
  9. Leatherhead

    5E Mike Mearls Happy Fun Hour, Nov 27 2018

    Wherein, Mearls gives us the story behind why the Trident is so bad, Alternate Ranger Build-a-Beasts are explored, and the Brute is reincarnated into the Weapon Master. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeV5aZX1mqg https://www.twitch.tv/videos/341529191
  10. Leatherhead

    5E Dragon+: Q&A with Jeremy Crawford, 10/30/18

    Wherein, Cawford teases some juicy info about what is happening with the Beastmaster Ranger. https://youtu.be/0ljfqkLaW3g?t=3568 The Ranger bit starts just before the hour mark.
  11. Leatherhead

    5E Strike True: A breakdown of Monster Defenses.

    So after finally taking the plunge to buy D&D beyond, I decided to justify my purchase by using it to catalog all of the monster saving throws and AC I had access too, in order to see exactly what defenses are the best ones to target in general. Hopefully, you will find this useful. To begin...
  12. Leatherhead

    5E D&D Beyond: The Oblex

    This is kind of interesting: The story of how the Oblex, from MToF, came into being. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULDbmpI0Wi8
  13. Leatherhead

    Warlording: The Subclass Edition. Because there wasn't enough of these floating around.

    Lo and Behold! I have descended from the mountaintop of bingeing entirely too much coffee and Warlord threads from previous editions to deliver unto you yet another supercilious Warlord thread that will likely soon be obsoleted by official materials. As you know, Mearls has recently made a...
  14. Leatherhead

    5E UA: Order Domain Cleric.

    This month's Unearthed Arcana, from WotC's Jeremy Crawford and Mike Mearls, presents a new cleric domain for playtesting: the Order Domain. "The Order domain represents discipline, as well as service to a society or an institution, whether that service is rendered in obedience to or enforcement...
  15. Leatherhead

    Mike Mearls Happy Fun Hour: The Warlord

    For those of you who do not know: Mike Mearls hosts a stream where he designs subclasses, this week he took a stab at the highly demanded (Fighter)Warlord. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/235935943 Edit: Oh wait, I should mention this is unofficial and not even UA playtest material, before...
  16. Leatherhead

    5E Relative popularity of the Xanathar's Subclasses

    Yet more D&D Beyond datamining! This time it's about the XGtE subclasses. Of note: This data was "normalized" by only including characters who were created and then updated, which would presumibly indicate a continued intrest in the character instead of just goofing around to see what is...
  17. Leatherhead

    5E Which Subclasses are the most simple?

    So now that XGtE has been out for a while, and every class has gotten new subclasses: What, in your opinion, is the "simplest" subclass of each class to play? For the sake of clarity, consider "simplest" to mean the easiest to learn and remember how to use. Not necessarily the platonic ideal of...
  18. Leatherhead

    5E Monster Saving Throws: Challenging Conventional Wisdom.

    The D&D Beyond Monster List is a fun little thing. It doesn't have quite all the options I would like at the current moment, but it does let you search every printed D&D monster even if you don't "own" them for the app. Using the tool to search for monster/NPC proficiencies, I found out the...
  19. Leatherhead

    5E Xanathar's Guide to Everything. Broadcast roundup.

    Because, apparently, nobody else posted this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iDvXI639uU&t=26s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4oDavj7GkU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjSh54pmcEk Looks like Kensai doesn't get heavy weapons after all, Shepards are still summoning lots of things at...
  20. Leatherhead

    5E More Data Mined from D&D Beyond: Most Popular Spells

    Top 10 Spells and Cantrips Known/Prepared by Class: Keep mind, due to the nature of having low level characters, level one spells are naturally the most common. Also this data discards any "always prepared spells" such as the Life Cleric's Cure Wounds, or Gnome's Minor Illusion Edit: This list...