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  1. SkidAce

    5E Etherealness, Deep Ethereal, and Plane Shift.

    Looking for an interesting discussion, fluff and/or rules references are fine...but no right/wrong derails please. (see those other two threads... :D ) Set up: A big part of my campaigns were "lower" level characters using the ethereal to get to the deep ethereal, and thus travel to other...
  2. SkidAce

    5E Using Immortal Spheres with MTG Colors

    A side project of mine is a setting with Immortals in OD&D. Bringing the Spheres to the forefront of the campaign. Was considering how the MTG colors would map onto that concept. Maybe a MTG/Immortals are Planeswalkers thingy. Who knows? So far; Matter - Green Energy - Red Time(Space) -...
  3. SkidAce

    5E Balance Inquiry Arcane Archer Modification

    I like the version of the Arcane Archer (AA) that was published in Xanathar's more than the previous Unearthe Arcana (UA) versions, but felt like there should be something more "always? usable" at 3rd level when the subtype is gained. There are two thoughts for review...feel free to offer...
  4. SkidAce

    5E Tarrasque Modifications.

    Basically the breath weapon of Tiamat (made into a 20' wide beam, and twice the regen of a troll.
  5. SkidAce

    5E Spell access via...tools?

    I am/have created a set of astrology style spells, based on the old Arcanum system. I realized, I don't care what class casts them (as long as they have spell casting ability of course). So I ask...what are yall's reaction to adding the spells to every caster's list, but stating they must be...
  6. SkidAce

    General Wind Dukes

    I use the Wind Dukes of Aaqa in my world's pre history as a large influence. Also go for ancient animal headed (yah, almost Egyptian flavored) races from pre history. Aarakockra in particular are the progenitors of kenku and tengu. And look! They start with aa like the wind dukes, and have...
  7. SkidAce

    General Looking for Spawning Stone picture

    My google fu is failing me. OR I am imagining things again. I seem to recall seeing a picture of the Spawning Stone floating in the clouds of Limbo, with maybe a Slaad or two hanging around it. The picture made the stone look huge, and it was kinda obelisk shaped. I thought it was an...
  8. SkidAce

    5E Planar Language that gets more intricate

    I thought there was a language (and I thought it was yugoloths) that the lower level "fiends" could speak it, and as higher level fiends learned/spoke it, it got more powerful and intricate, full of secrets the lower CR creatures could not comprehend. Like I said, I thought it was official 5e...
  9. SkidAce

    5E "Shard" of the Multiverse

    D&D Beyond says I personally haven't heard them use that phrase, "shard" before. Do you think it was just D&D Beyond winging it? Is it part of a coherent approach to the planes\multiverse? I don't know and am curious if others have heard them use it, and in what context, before.
  10. SkidAce

    Is there a Dark Mode ?

    just curious, 17+ years of dark mode for enworld is a hard habit to break...
  11. SkidAce

    Missing Community Supporter and Silver Subscriber under name.

    I looked closer at my display name etc today and noticed that it does not list me as a silver subscriber nor a community supporter. I would have assumed it was part of the flux of display changes that have occurred, but then I noticed other people (such as Gradine) still have their info...
  12. SkidAce

    Nentir Vale Coming to Dungeons and Dragons

    There are a few tidbits of info here. The neat one is that the gods of the Nentir Vale used to be humans that fought the Primordials, and now provide/protect the few points of light/bastions of safety. https://comicbook.com/gaming/2018/11/20/dungeons-and-dragons-nentir-vale/
  13. SkidAce

    Blank Space on the Right

    I believe I used to have the items on the right side of the screen turned off, so my forums stretched completely from side to side. Has then been a change? When I started reading today I got the impression it jumped out at me as if it had come back. "Or" I am losing my mind....
  14. SkidAce

    Xanathar's And Crafting

    It appears that Xanathar's has removed level requirements from their Downtime Crafting Magical Items rules. Perhaps their intent is to semi-gate it with the formula requiring certain CR level of ingredients. There is also no DC check for failure, spend time/money and you are good to go. Kinda...
  15. SkidAce

    Cant find place to rate a Thread anymore.

    Is is me or is thread rating gone?
  16. SkidAce

    Deity Ranks Revised

    Just a little lore type up to clarify divine ranks in my world. Paraphrased and modified from WotC 5e Deity Rank sidebar from the DMG. Feel free to comment as you see fit... (waves at dave2008 )
  17. SkidAce

    New D&D Board Game

    Provides info about the factions in the upcoming adventures. http://comicbook.com/gaming/2018/06/23/dungeons-and-dragons-vault-of-dragons-game/
  18. SkidAce

    Language is like an Onion

    Just a random fact of my campaign world that "may" prove interesting to others. There is no "common" language per se. Trade Tongue replaces it, it allows travelers and traders (and adventurers) to communicate basic concepts. Normally not written down. It is rumored to have been the tongue of...
  19. SkidAce

    Modified Monsters by SkidAce

    I like using "standard" monsters, modifying them, and re-fluffing as needed. Going to post my creations in this thread, in case anyone likes them. First was taking a young gold dragon and turning it into a unique dinosaur called a death behemoth. I got rid of the fire breath, but keep the...
  20. SkidAce

    On the origin of Species, i.e. Rise of the Eladrin

    I have modified (or interpreted) the "Origin of Species" over the years for my homebrew since the 80s. It helps design lore and know why certain races act the way they do. BUT! Its usually cosmic origin stuff, and the players don't even know. And if they don't know how does it help them...