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  1. dagger

    1E 1e and 2e Theif skills clarifications?

    We kind of run a 1e/2e hybrid (85% 1e) since everything is compatible on the fly. One of the things related to thieves, is we use the additional modifiers in the UA and we allow them to run the skills either as a 1e or 2e thief. We have also always allowed the thief only to move at half speed...
  2. dagger

    5E Your Favorite 5e Houserule

    We have a few: Dual Weapon Feat - In addition to the other benefits, it also removes having to use a Bonus action for the off hand attack (still limited to one attack though). New Feat: Improved Concentration - allows the caster to concentrate on two spells at once. New Feat: Improved...
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    2E Which is the better fantasy rpg and why: D&D 5e or Pathfinder 2e?

    It’s subjective to each person so.....
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    WotC Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Video Game Announcement Trailer

    I hope no one pre-orders this...
  5. dagger

    3E/3.5 Diversity in D&D Third Edition

    I fall to see the problem with the 1e monk in the phin except it needs a couple of small buffs.
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    General Slaads are failures as exemplars of Chaotic NEUTRAL

    Never occurred to me how un CN they really are, but you are correct. They have always just been a really evil and scary race to fight since 1e/2e like dark elves, or githyanki.
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    General Slaads are failures as exemplars of Chaotic NEUTRAL

    Kender PC is a mistake only made once.
  8. dagger

    OD&D Intrinsic Evidence that Chainmail’s Fantasy Supplement Contains Material from Dave Arneson

    So you need convincing evidence.....ironic actually. Well played
  9. dagger

    General Toril must be a Super Earth.

    It’s best to forget the “cannon” (like that matters) and use the 2e maps to determine size. The forgotten realms atlas has a nice map of the globe I think.
  10. dagger

    5E How Often Do You Use Grids?

    We do this as well.
  11. dagger

    General How To Reconcile the Settings

    Depends which version of the realms you play, and so it’s not always anything goes.
  12. dagger

    5E How Often Do You Use Grids?

    Hexes are the best but I can live with squares.
  13. dagger

    5E In your Years of Gaming, How many Psionic Characters did you See played

    Between 1992-2000 I saw probably four characters that wanted psionics, had the stats to make it worth it, and managed to make the required roll. We played a lot of 1e/2e back then...every weekend at least 12 hours. We never used 2e style psioncs except during a single darksun campaign.
  14. dagger

    5E criteria for new races to be added to the PHB

    Appearing in 4e should not count...that was the time of darkness. I would rather see orog or firbolg before any more shy poor mans half giants.
  15. dagger

    UA WotC Surveys: Implementation vs. Interest

    I prefer the implementation in 1e. Its very alien to the core game and it takes special luck to get it, and that's assuming its even allowed. Then if you do get it, what you can do is dependent on good stats and some nice rolling. Then do you even really want it? Fighting a Mind Flayer or Pit...
  16. dagger

    5E Assuming Dark Sun is on the horizon, what are your worries?

    Maybe, but I know I won’t buy it if it’s not Darksun.
  17. dagger

    5E What are your favorite/non-favorite house rules?

    That’s sounds like a great story to me! We use the critical hit card deck and it’s amazing.
  18. dagger

    General How do you feel about Save or Die?

    Characters nowadays are the same now as in the past but thanks for the insults!
  19. dagger

    OSR Which retroclone/OSR game is closest to AD&D 2E?

    I like both and you can use any material from both on the fly which is amazing. After all these years they pretty much have morphed into one system in my mind. 😁
  20. dagger

    UA For Ranger fans. Does the UA article ‘fix’ the Ranger for you?

    Yes, a non casting ranger would be nice and I don’t want some fighter/thief scout subclass.