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  1. Cassander

    AM: Biohazard IV (Dread)

    Ashley Graham, the President's daughter, has been captured by a dangerous cult, and it's up to hot shot special ops agent Leon Kennedy to bring her home! No one knows for sure what the cult is up to, or what horrors await in their fortified castle. Only one thing remains certain: If Leon and...
  2. Cassander

    SUN PM: Sin City: The Hot Date (Dread)

    Name: Sin City: The Hot Date System: Dread Setting: Sin City Genre: Noir Session: Sunday PM It's a hot summer in Sin City and it's not just water that's gone missing without a trace. People have been venturing out into the hot nighttime air and are never seen again come morning. After another...
  3. Cassander

    CANCELED (Afternoon: The Sea of Sorrow (Spelljammer/Dread))

    CANCELED The Sea of Sorrow Setting: Spelljammer System: Dread Slots available For the last two hundred or so years, there have been strange happenings in a region of the phlogiston between the crystal spheres of Darnannon and Refuge. Some ships have reported sightings of a ghost ship while...
  4. Cassander

    Suggestion for the ENnies: Awards for Individuals

    Going to GenCon for the first time this year, I got to experience my first ENnies. The ceremony was professional yet fun, perfect for gaming awards. The speeches were classy and the music was funny but still appropriate. All in all, very well done. One thing that stood out, however, was that...
  5. Cassander

    A Night At The YMCA (Dread) [Saturday 9pm-1am]

    A Night At The YMCA [Saturday 9pm-1am] Age: 18+ System: Dread Location: We'll meet in the Embassy lobby and then head to my hotel room (Accepting alternates) --- WANTED: MACHO MEN! This ain't no ladies brunch! This is for MEN. Real MEN! Macho MEN! While the ladies are off sipping tea...
  6. Cassander

    (D&D 3.5) The Goblins of the Shattershtruk Hills

    A taint of smoke lingers on the wind. Flakes of black ash flutter here and there on the dusty road and among the wayside grasses. You come upon a small huddle of battered buildings. Roofs are charred, doors are smashed, and windows are broken. Wreckage litters the ground. Glass, mud, burnt...
  7. Cassander

    The best value in gaming is gone...

    I want Dungeon. I don't care about Dragon. I don't care about some virtual tabletop or web-enhancements that I can get free now anyway. I want 900+ pages per year of ADVENTURES. With the DI, that (assuming they keep it at the same level of content) will cost $120. With the magazine format, it...
  8. Cassander

    Stacking Caster Level from Different Classes

    Is there any reason, other than flavor, for caster levels from different classes not to stack? One could worry about a wizard dipping into cleric to get healing spells and not giving up any caster level, but she would already be giving up higher spell level wizard spells for lower level cleric...
  9. Cassander

    Deflect Arrows - Wither the Reflex Save?

    In 3.0, Deflect Arrows required a Reflex Save to use. There's nothing about any kind of check to use it in 3.5... is it just automatic? Couldn't find anything on this in the FAQ or the Errata, so I guess they buffed the feat in 3.5?
  10. Cassander

    [meg] Tf&t Pdf Special?

    A while back, you guys (MEG) informed us that you indeed would be offering a special deal on TF&T print for those who have the pdf... but I havent seen it. Is this coming?
  11. Cassander

    3E/3.5 [3.5e] Will they fix the other H spell?

    Actually, didn't it affect up to four opponents, though with slightly weakened saves? I remember that 1-4 in the first printing of the 2e PHB was changed to 1d4 in the 2e revised PHB, which was an error. Talk about a TPK! And I don't think it would be bad as a 3rd level spell, since I don't see...
  12. Cassander

    3E/3.5 [3.5e] Will they fix the other H spell?

    I'm not talking about Haste, Harm, or Heal. I'm talking about the lowest-level save-or-die spell in the game, the boon to low-level clerics everywhere: Hold Person. It's been a second level cleric spell in every edition of D&D, but I think it might be time to go. It's too powerful. A 3rd-level...
  13. Cassander

    [Savage Species] Touched by an Angel campaign idea

    I've been flipping through Savage Species trying to decide what sorts of creature I want to play and came upon an interesting idea for a campaign: Touched by an Angel. Imagine an entire party of celestials who pop into a situation and have to help out someway... they might not always know...
  14. Cassander

    [MEG] PDF discount for Tournaments, Fairs, and Taverns?

    I remember on previous releases Mystic Eye Games has given a discount on their website to people who purchased the pdf of a print book equal to the cost of the pdf... will you all be doing that for Tournaments, Fairs, and Taverns as well?
  15. Cassander

    Ghostwalk gets the shaft?

    Ghostwalk, the old secret project "g" from Monte Cook and Sean K. Reynolds, a campaign setting wherein the players play in a world of ghosts, is coming out finally in June after long delay. WotC has announced that certain products will be forward compatible with D&D 3.5, but most have been...
  16. Cassander

    [Minor 3.5 Scoop] Scent and Minor Scent

    I reported before that the rat familiar in Life's Bazaar had a special quality called "minor scent". I just checked through the web-enhancement, however, and noticed that a weasel familiar has "scent". Does this mean that a weasel is considered better at scenting than a rat? If they are trying...
  17. Cassander

    [Scoop 3.5e] Pick Pockets/Sleight of Hand in Life's Bazaar

    Looks like I missed one detail in my "detailed" analysis. In Yuathyb's statblock, the following skill is listed: "Pick Pockets (Sleight of Hand) +4" I am assuming this is a double listing of the same skill, giving both the 3.0 name and the 3.5 name so that the adventuer makes sense to users...
  18. Cassander

    [ATTN: Moderators and Morrus] Where do I post 3.5e scoops?

    I recently posted my analysis of Life's Bazaar for new 3.5e hints, figuring that'd be a good place since other scoops in there got filtered through to the news and the 3.5e info page. Mine hasnt yet, however, and I analyzed and posted that stuff to contribute to the 3.5e mining operation, as it...
  19. Cassander

    d20 OGC Summoning Article [Dragon]

    I'd like to point everyone to http://www.arches.uga.edu/~caveneyd/ to see my very own article about summoning. This includes new spells, feats, and rules for summoning any creature in the Monster Manual and even tips on assigning spell level to other creatures. This has FF-style summoning, if...