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    Personal house rules

    This is a mix of my theoretical house rules. Changes ------- Basic rules: -The standard coin is silver instead of gold. Combat: -Shields add the wielder's Strength bonus to AC, with a maximum of +2. -The Two-Weapon Fighting style and Dual Wielder feat exchange their abilties to add +1 to...
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    Player looking for a 3.x game

    As the title says, I'm available for a game with the 3.x generation rules. Mostly for action-oriented scenarios.
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    3E/3.5 3e D&D was right about cats!

    That's certainly a strange story, considering feral cats usually want nothing to do with humans... Even that one time where I approached a mother with her kittens, the mother stayed behind observing me while the kittens ran away.
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    Do Not Pass Go

    To be fair, it's unnatural for someone to have no flaws. Some people feel a need to have their own place in society. When faced with someone who can do everything they can do AND more, it makes them feel useless. Although I admit this list is a nice set of guidelines on how you can be a better...
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    3E/3.5 3.5's Legacy

    Unearthed Arcana. I like all the optional rules.
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    need help on integrating size AC modifier into ranged accuracy

    Basically, Instead of using the weapon's range increment to determine hit chance, I wanted to use a fixed distance and implement the size modifiers instead. However, if I trust my improvised calculation, A Medium target would be Small at 10 ft, Tiny at 20 ft, Diminutive at 40 ft and Fine at 80...
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    would this custom Rapid Reload be too powerful?

    Thing is, while I personally feel that 3.5's Rapid Reload makes repeating crossbows entirely pointless, the previous 3.0 rule feels too weak since you only gain 1 extra attack over 2 rounds. This means a total of 3 attacks over 2 rounds. I figured the free action could be applied 2 times per...
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    is this GM bad or am i just a wuss?

    on the bright side, he's always able to come up with a good scenario (for as long as i've had him as a GM) and he's great at NPC acting. now, for the flip side. our group is mostly composed of beginners. however, the DM expects us to have the instincts and experience of long-time players...