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  1. Lucas Yew

    5E Porting in the 4.5E Defender Aura power

    I can't find a more elegant solution than this ability in 4E that best emulates the modern RPG concept of "Tank" character, so I would like suggestions on how to achieve this. Is it actually viable when ported word to word as a 1st level frontliner class' shared ability? Or better yet, is it...
  2. Lucas Yew

    5E SRD Updates?

    If no content, at least WotC updated the SRD to include the late 2018 major Errata... ...right?
  3. Lucas Yew

    WOIN Additional Crunch in O.L.D. v1.2?

    I heard snippets around the forums that the (hopefully) imminent 1.2 update for O.L.D. will include some additional crunch accumulated in supplemental materials. Such as the Goblin race and its associated career. Is there a coherent list of all such juicy additions? I'm struggling to wait even...
  4. Lucas Yew

    5E What are the differences between PC and NPC versions of monster races?

    As the title, what kind of differences do such races as goblins and orcs, who had their own entry in the MM rather that relying on the usage of the DMG adjustment chart on the generic NPC list, have in between the monster version and the PC version? Especially on the defined abilities other than...
  5. Lucas Yew

    Attribute (Stat) Replacement?

    It should be common knowledge here that both "god stats" and "dump stats" exist, especially when you can manipulate character generation and growth. As an example, in the case of D&D 3.X and beyond, the most common dump stat usually Strength and/or Charisma (plus Intelligence in 5E); and the...
  6. Lucas Yew

    5E HD Based Monster Proficiency Bonus?

    As the title, how much would this affect most monsters and NPCs in the MM, CR wise? More deadly? Or even weaker? No change at all? I mean, as an avid simulationist at heart, it particularly irked me that certain things in the 5E system were based on this floating value known as the CR...
  7. Lucas Yew

    5E Favorite Epic Boons

    While only a microscopic fraction of players are believed to be playing on post-20th level games, the chances are that (as long as you actually grabbed that DMG) you should have seen the epic boon list on page 232 of the DMG. So I decided to make a poll to see which ones are preferred over...