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  1. Charles Wright

    5E Quests of Doom 2 is on pre-order.

    Sharing here for those who may not have heard about it, yet! Six Adventures for First and Second Tier! From the weird and terrifying interior of the Spire of Iron and Crystal (cover) to the heat-misted Jungle Ruins of Madaro-Shanti, this sequel to the two-volume Quests of Doom offers a whole...
  2. Charles Wright

    5E Quests of Doom Volumes 1 & 2 now available! (Frog God Games)

    Fifth Edition Rules, First Edition Feel! Necromancer Games is back: are you ready to rock the new edition old-school style? We put together a team of some of the best adventure-writers in RPG history to ring in the new fifth edition rules with a host of adventures you’ve never seen before (and...
  3. Charles Wright

    PF1E [Frog God Games] Quests of Doom Kickstarter!

    While we were doing our 5e Kickstarter we sent out a survey asking if our goodly fans would want the adventure book "Quests of Doom" done in the Pathfinder and/or Swords & Wizardry format. The respons was an overwhelming 91% saying "ye" Our response was to create this for our fans! Please...
  4. Charles Wright

    5E Necromancer Games 5E Support Kickstarter almost over

    We're in the final 29 hours as a type this. Now is the time to get in if you want in!
  5. Charles Wright

    5E Necromancer Games 5E Monster Teaser #2 - The Aranea!

    New Monster teaser from Necromancer Games 5th Edition Foes! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/necromancergames/necromancer-games-back-for-5th-edition/posts/963807
  6. Charles Wright

    5E Necromancer Games 5E Kickstart Sneak Peek: Ed Greenwood's Quests of Doom Adventure

    Enjoy! http://froggodgames.com/sites/default/files/enewsletter_files/Giants_Dragons_Teaser.pdf Main link to the Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/necromancergames/necromancer-games-back-for-5th-edition
  7. Charles Wright

    5E Necromancer Games 5E Kickstarter: Book of Lost Spells goal has been met!

    Final book achievement unlocked! The Book of Lost Spells stretch goal has been reached! Let's go for broke and spread the news! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/necromancergames/necromancer-games-back-for-5th-edition/comments
  8. Charles Wright

    5E Ed Greenwood on 5E and the Necromancer Games Kickstarter

    New update! Preliminary spell list for the Book of Lost Spells and an interview with Ed Greenwood about 5E and his contribution to Quests of Doom! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/necromancergames/necromancer-games-back-for-5th-edition/posts
  9. Charles Wright


  10. Charles Wright

    5E Necromancer Games - 3 5E books announced!

    All I can say is that Necromancer Games may have already Started Kicking around some things on the internet.