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  1. Wiseblood

    5E Ranger on a Warlock frame?

    One of the odd things about rangers is that the abilities they get negate certain obstacles. It does so without a check. I feel that this is a disservice to the concept of rangers being at their best in the wilderness. Forgive the hyperbole but it would be like not having to fight enemies...
  2. Wiseblood

    5E Monstrous Disappointments.

    What monsters have you tried to use that didn’t or can’t give you what you want as they are written? For me the first one that springs to mind is werewolf. They just don’t instill he kind of fear or revulsion I would like.
  3. Wiseblood

    5E I am thinking of eliminating reactions.

    Reactions/AoO’s and readied actions all seem to contribute to interrupting the flow of a round. This interruption is creating confusion about who’s turn is next. This sometimes means people miss a turn even when paying attention. I haven’t liked AoO’s since third edition because they are...
  4. Wiseblood

    5E Are Mind Flayers slimy?

    I ask because I wonder what they smell like. They appear to be wearing clothes. Why do that if you are slimy? I also think they are warm blooded. What do you think?
  5. Wiseblood

    I want faster character creation. Also, I’m a monster.

    I want faster character creation. Also, I’m a monster. I have wanted faster character creation for years now. I’ve been trying to find the right words because, I figured out “why” I want it. I want to kill characters. That was a metric for me growing up. Good characters survived bad characters...
  6. Wiseblood

    And the barbarian says RAAAAARRRHHH!

    Perhaps it’s my skewed perception from the DM side of things but...the Barbarian’s ability to rage feels off somehow. It works fine, I guess. I don’t feel like it’s too strong or too weak. It just feels kind of, I don’t know.know, wrong. Uses per day and duration haven’t come up yet. I like...
  7. Wiseblood

    Help, My players don’t know how to play.

    Help, My players don’t know how to play. I have 6 players. Two understand how to play. The others have been playing from between two years and four years. I think that is adequate time to get a grip on the most basic rules. I still find myself reminding them how to calculate attack bonus when...
  8. Wiseblood

    I love D&D.....but.

    This is hard to write. I may have to break up with D&D. Maybe I don't love it anymore. Perhaps I never loved it. I think this because every time I think of the rules, they bother me. Like initiative, I use it but what choice do I have? Six second rounds eww. High level world changing spells and...
  9. Wiseblood

    5E CR ratings are obsolete.

    CR ratings were intended to give an idea about relative monster strength. It came about when XP was decoupled from the monsters because monster XP was determined by relative PC level. Monsters have set XP again (yay) and encounters have XP budgets and modifiers (meh). CR becomes a vestigial rule...
  10. Wiseblood

    5E I feel like there is a problem with ability score bonuses.

    It's a feel thing so I could be wrong.(even if it wasn't I could be wrong too) I am almost always on the DM side of the screen but I have noticed something common to almost al PC's. They have a 16 or better, usually better, in their main attack stat. This is true regardless of the method for...
  11. Wiseblood

    5E What class do you think you want to play but never actually play?

    For me, it's warlock. Each time I get an idea I grab the PHB and sigh...no again. What class does that to you? I used to think I could never like the druid. Then I reread the description in the AD&D2e PHB. It changes everything.
  12. Wiseblood

    5E Anyone else have a problem with Sculpt Spells?

    It irks me that aoe spells are not aoe. They are mass targeting spells. Where the target does not need to be seen by the caster and the caster needs no line of sight. The spell acts as a multi-headed friend or foe missile. The player's decision making is limited to what type of damage and how...
  13. Wiseblood

    5E What is the most important info on your custom DM screen?

    I have been looking into making my own DM screen. I have looked at many screens. The ones I own and others online. When suddenly it dawned on me. I don't see anything on these screens that I actually use. (Conditions maybe..)I like the screen so the players don't read my notes or accidentally...
  14. Wiseblood

    5E The Ranger class as I would want.

    Please allow me to explain why I feel the 5e Ranger doesn't excite my imagination. The Ranger in it's earliest versions was a warrior, at odds with the dangers presented by the wilderness. A defender of civilized lands battling against the depredations of evil humanoids and giants. It was hard...
  15. Wiseblood

    PF1E Can anyone show AP specific rogue builds that are good?

    I am told that rogues can shine in the right campaign. Given the fact that AP's have guides can rogues be built to make the class look good? Pathfinder seems to favor specialization but rogues want to be generalists.
  16. Wiseblood

    PF1E A couple of fringe rules quetsions. Spells from the Bard list.

    Does alter self allow you to diguise yourself as another person? Can you hide using the concealment provided by blur? Thanks in advance for opinions or insights. Wiseblood
  17. Wiseblood

    PF1E I've been thinking about a freeze on leveling.

    I've been giving some thought to running a campaign for eighth level characters. Characters that start at eighth and stay there. Instead of leveling they gain gestalt levels. Starting with level one. I am mostly considering this because I am tired of running for and playing as low level...
  18. Wiseblood

    Are feats for customization?

    Are feats used for customization or are they just to make the character better at a given shtick? Is that really customization? If feats didn't exist would you feel your character was less unique? I'm asking because most of the feats I see don't really strike me as customization. Instead they...
  19. Wiseblood

    I think buff spells are eroding my enjoyment of D&D.

    I'll tell you why I feel this way. The character's inherent abilities can be overshadowed by buffs especially when they start stacking up. They shore up too many weaknesses to the point that the once frail are mighty. They also add more bookkeeping to the game. Quite often I feel like some buff...
  20. Wiseblood

    PF1E Are giants too strong?

    Do you think giants' strength scores are too high? For example a fog giant has a strength score of 35 it is a huge giant. If you reduce the giant by two size categories it's strength drops by 4 leaving a rather robust 31 on a medium sized creature. Are they simply inflated to make them...