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  1. zenopus

    OD&D Holmes Ref: Reference Sheets for Holmes Basic Referees

    Holmes Ref is my slowly-accreting series of reference sheets for Holmes Basic referees. Since Holmes is in essence just a variant of OD&D (incorporating some rules from the Greyhawk supplement into those from the LBBs), it also usable with OD&D. The sheets are also modular so you may find tables...
  2. zenopus

    OD&D Feb 16th: Holmes Basic Day (Anniversary of J. Eric Holmes' Birthday)

    This past Sunday was the 90th (!) anniversary of the birth of J. Eric Holmes, editor of and content contributor to the first Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set, published by TSR in 1977. Many D&D players who started playing between 1977-1982 or so started with this Basic Set, including myself. Holmes...
  3. zenopus

    DMs Guild The Ruined Tower of Zenopus 5E conversion on DMs Guild...Now with a dungeon map!

    My 5E D&D conversion of the original Zenopus Dungeon, from the 1977 "Holmes" Basic rulebook, is now live on DMs Guild. 18-pages, $1.99. The Ruined Tower of Zenopus (DMs Guild link) Read more about it here on my blog, the Zenopus Archives. The original dungeon (which includes the dungeon map)...
  4. zenopus

    General New E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial commercial with relevant easter egg

    There's a fun new commercial that is a "sequel" to E.T. and features Elliot (Henry Thomas) as an adult: A Holiday Reunion It's chock full of easter eggs, including (read this after watching and see if you noticed it)
  5. zenopus

    General Aero Hobbies, historic FLGS in the LA area, is closing

    Aero Hobbies in Santa Monica CA is closing later this month. Aero has been around for decades and was an important FLGS in the early days of D&D, both for the group there that created the first Thief character class, and as the place where J. Eric Holmes --- editor of the original Basic Set ---...
  6. zenopus

    Media [Podcast] Save or Die! Episode 154 on Holmes Basic with guest Zenopus Archives

    Hello all. I had the pleasure of being the guest on the latest episode of the old school Dungeons & Dragon podcast Save or Die! This episode is dedicated to the original D&D Basic Set (in print from 1977-1980), colloquially known as Holmes Basic after its editor, J. Eric Holmes. The link...