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    Suggestion - Deep in the eastern jungles: There be Catfolk!

    This is a submission to include the more beastial humanoids from the ARG, as playable PC races including: Catfolk - Maew (pronounced my, is Thai for cat) Foxfolk (Kitsune) Monkeyfolk (Varanas) Snakefolk (Nagaji) Frogfolk (Gripplis) Ratfolk - Spha (pronounced su fa', is Thai for rat) Roughly...
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    what 4th edition d&d book has the Lance?

    I just saw the lance on a 4th edition character in the LEB tavern. Since I have been playing one of the only mounted characters in LEB for more than 4 years it would be nice to know where I can get my very own.
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    The Out of Towner

    Going to be sailing down to sunny southern California until tuesday, so expect delays in posting.
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    [Proposal] Higher lvl items

    How would ppl feel about higher lvl versions of some items? For example: Boots of the fencing master (AV1): lvl 7 and give a +1 to AC an Reflex when the wearer shifts... lvl 17 they give +2? lvl 27 they give +3? Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor (AV1): lvl 15 gives +3 dmg to close attacks...
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    [Proposal] Combine Attack Un-Nerf

    I'm confused as to how they could turn the most effective mount ability into the weakest? How would people feel about changing it back to at-will, but with a limit to its use of once per turn? Several mounts at similar level have attacks that can also be used every round instead of just once...
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    [Proposal] Item Exchange

    As character's grow and develop they might find their focus slightly shifting or find a new option, in a new source for instance, that makes them need slightly different gear. Bartering: Adding the ability to use a character's single revision when they gain a level, but only once per tier (one...
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    Back in town

    I'm back from Washington now, thx everyone for being understanding. It seems like all I've been doing the last few years is taking care of one sick parent or the another. I'll try to get back up to speed on my games in the next couple of days.
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    Season's Greetings

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
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    Alternative Online Dice Roller

    Since Invisible Castle has seemingly exploded, here is an alternative that has been brought to my attention. Dice Roller If anyone knows of any others please post them here as well. Thanks for this one goes to Renau1g :D
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    Shifty Kobolds: Breaking their own rules?

    This has happened to me a couple times now. As my character closes into melee with a kobold, they shift away. Unless I'm missing something the only thing that they have that can let them shift is their shifty power right? But the shifty power requires a minor action and so can only be used on...
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    [Proposal] Quintessential Items.

    I have a couple more things from Quintessential Fighter to put before the judges. Especially since mounts come up much more often at lvl 4. Bit and Headpiece: The bit grants the rider a solid grip on the reins, while the headpiece shields the mount from bright lights and sudden noises. A mount...
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    3E/3.5 Leif's The Hall of the Rainbow Mage, RG A [D&D 3.5] L12

    Heres the stat block. Ill come up with some story when we get a little background.Name: Kumar Class: Artificer 12 Race: Grey Elf Type: Humanoid Size: M Gender: Male Alignment: LG Hit Dice: 6+11d6+12 (56) Speed: 30 Armor Class: 30/35 vs ranged (+8 Armor, +4 Dex, +5 ranged, +8 Shield) Touch 11...
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    (YB) Chuk'thra vs Victarion (Rathan Judging)

    Chuk'thra of the Endless Cuts Pathwalker: Yellow Sash 1 1-0 1yen Potion of Greed At the ancient arena overlooking the edge of a massive yawning chasm, there are many ruined columns that ring the pavillion. A sizzling red portal opens in the front of it, allowing the cloaked insectoid warrior to...