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  1. Tonguez

    Review La Revolution Netflix (pas de spoiler)

    I've just finished watching La Revolution on Netflix and given the general thread about Historic RPGs and while I'm waiting for visiting hours at the hospital I thought Id do a review. La Revolution is alt.history, and gives a supernatural horror twist to how the French Revolution really got...
  2. Tonguez

    Official Trailer for The Watch (vaguely Discworld inspired)

    BBC America has put out a trailer for its idea of The Watch I dont like the design and dont think its faithful to Pratchett but I might just take a watch
  3. Tonguez

    Mandalorian gets 15 Emmy Nominations!!! (including Outstanding Drama Series)

    In yet more evidence the Disney owns entertainment the Mandalorian (and baby Yoda) has received 15 Emmy Nominations including Outstanding Drama Series. It got lots of nominations for its sound/music, make-up, costume design and cinematography as well as guest actor in a drama series (Giancarlo...
  4. Tonguez

    Gabe Newell spent lockdown in New Zealand and now is putting on a free event to say thanks!!!!

    Gabe Newell the guy who owns Valve Corporation and Steam revealed that he and some friends were on Vacation in New Zealand in March when the country went in to COVID Lockdown, so they’ve been here for 5 months and have now announced that he is putting on a Free Event in 15 August to say thank...
  5. Tonguez

    General So what colour are your dwarfs and elfs?

    So I was reading up on the green children of Woolpit, UK who were found in the town in the 12th Century. They were (apparently) human but green skinned, spoke a strange language and said they came from St Martins Land. Some modern speculation has suggested the story was a garbled retelling of a...
  6. Tonguez

    Disney rumour: a new Live Action “Black Cauldron”

    Theres a new unconfirmed rumour about that Disney is looking to do a new Live Action version of The Black Cauldron. Apparently Disney werent satisfied with the old animated version and in 2016 re-acquired the rights to The Chronicles of Prydain (by Lloyd Alexander) and will be adapting all five...
  7. Tonguez

    5E All weapons doing d6?

    So way back in the earliest runs of D&D all weapons did d6 damage* as a dagger thrust to the vitals, a sword across the gut, or great club bashing a head all had the same ability to wound and kill. A goblin with a dagger was as much a threat as a orc with a great sword and it was the characters...
  8. Tonguez

    Motherland Fort Salem - anyone seen it on Freeform?

    Is anyone watching Motherland Fort Salem? The show on Freeform follows three young witch recruits from basic training in combat magic into early deployment, the premise being that 300 years ago the Salem Accord was drafted into the US Constitution sparing witches from persecution but...
  9. Tonguez

    Did anyone actually play FATAL?

    in the Hated systems thread FATAL has been raised often as the absolutely worst RPG ever, with its rules for depravity and obsession with genitals being cited. I agree those were taken to the point of ridiculousness but I do wonder did anyone ever play the system? if we ignore the depravity did...
  10. Tonguez

    “Oh, Really?”, a possible fifth Force in the universe...

    https://edition.cnn.com/2019/11/22/world/fifth-force-of-nature-scn-trnd/index.html?utm_term=link&utm_content=2019-11-23T04%3A15%3A05&utm_medium=social&utm_source=fbCNN&fbclid=IwAR0CkAy3nqz93Z9clQoS4iPexRjW4F6UPDvvPlsat0E0zSAMFa0O05lN61g Scientists at the Institute for Nuclear Research at the...
  11. Tonguez

    MCU announces 8 Phase 4 TV shows for Disney +

    MCU Boss Kevin Feige has announced 8 new shows that will be rolled out on the Disney + Streaming Service over the next 2 years (2020/21). They include the already announced: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier live action series set to premiere in fall 2020. Loki series that will follow the...
  12. Tonguez

    Pennyworth trailer (new DC Series on EPIX)

    I came a cross this and it looks good, appears from the Trailer to be the backstory of how Alfred Pennyworth came into the employ of Mr Thomas Wayne its on Epix (which I've never heard of so that doesnt bode well) - has anyone seen it?
  13. Tonguez

    The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance | Trailer | Netflix

    Dark Crystal Trailer (Youtube) This really does look epic -appears to be going back to the start of the Skeksis reign Will you be watching? (ps how do I embed youtube videos now?)
  14. Tonguez


    A CDC mystery, budding romance and body horror out on the Louisiana Bayou! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVnHZ5SF1Jg I know many people don't get DC Streaming but The Swamp Thing has risen up from the tangled morass streaming obscurity and I got to see the pilot - its the very best DC...
  15. Tonguez

    Hobbs & Shaw Trailer 2

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b0-PQLPig8 with a Black Superman and big slabs of Samoa too this trailer both sticks to the formula and manages to get more OTT than Fast & Furious
  16. Tonguez

    Shazam! Review

    Just got back from watching Shazam and while it stays with a standard comic book formula it is really good and has some great drama and darker horror moments mixed with the family comedy of the trailers. I think it manages to balance out its story elements, throws in a few easter egg...
  17. Tonguez

    Deadly Class - SyFy channel

    In my search for new shows to watch I came across Deadly Class made for Syfy and based on the comic book series set in the Reaganomics-1980s, the series revolves around King's Dominion, an elite private academy where students are trained to become assassins...
  18. Tonguez

    Hypothetical: Art, Architecture and Copyright - Who has it?

    SO I understand that the issue of copyright is complicated especially when it relates to photographs so here is a scenario So I own a building, architecturally designed with hills in the background. A friend of mine who is a known artist creates an installation which is fixed to the wall of my...