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  1. Octiron

    [Planarian] - Figment: A Rock-Paper-Scissors Storygame for All Ages

    https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/296660/Figment-Playtest?affiliate_id=490690 Figment is a simple story-game mainly intended for play with or by children. As an “ultra-lite” game it relies only upon rock-paper-scissors to settle matters of fate and requires almost nothing in the way of...
  2. Octiron

    [Planarian] Clown Helsing

    Clown Helsing: the one and only Clowns vs. Vampires rock-paper-scissors rpg has a new playtest edition! - No dice and rules-ultralight: just in time for that halloween party or long drive to visit relatives. Get it HERE at Drivethrurpg while it's still PWYW!
  3. Octiron

    [Planarian] BARFLIP & GRIDFLIP (Random but Balanced Attribute Methods) Updated!

    These odd and useful methods for rolling OSR/D&D-style attributes have been updated with clearer text, bigger boxes, and options for those who are aiming for a specific class. Get them at drivethrurpg today! BARFLIP & GRIDFLIP: Semi-random balanced D&D Attribute roll methods.
  4. Octiron

    [Planarian] OUB Core Beta Playtest

    https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/281449/OUB-Core-Beta-Playtest OUB Core is the rules set that powers Wandrils, a fantasy role-playing game setting in which players take on the role of skeletal amnesiacs struggling to adapt or escape from their exile in Oub; a mysterious extradimensional...