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    5E Should GWF & Sharpshooter's "Power Attack" work with all weapons?

    Heretofore, I've chose to run feat-less games, for all the usual reasons, as well as a couple probably idiosyncratic to me. However, I'm gearing up for a new campaign, and I'm plotting out player options, so I'm thinking about whether to allow feats in the upcoming game, with the addition of...
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    5E Humanocentric Campaigns

    I imagine a lot of you, like me, prefer worlds that feel more like Hyborean Earth or Nehwon than Middle Earth. When you're running these kinds of campaigns, do you prefer to require all your players to use the Human race, or do you allow the reflavoring of the demihuman races as types of...
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    Stuff you don't have a problem with, but will never use

    One of my favorite characters (and the one my handle is named after) is an old fashioned 1st edition fighter rogue type. He's the kind of character for whom "sneak attack" means "fight dirty". So naturally when I saw the "thug" scheme, I was excited. And then I read it and said "pass" (can I...
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    The return of the Male Human Fighter!

    Here's what I want in my 5e...heroic depiction of male human warriors! No more of this 900 iterations of Regdar being killed because the designers didn't think dwarves got enough screen time. Let's retire that. I want Conan, I want D'Artagnon, I want Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, I want Roy!
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    Two Handed Implement wielding

    One disparity I've seen that has really bothered me with 4th edition is that it seems magic users (wizards, warlocks, to a lesser extent clerics) seem to have had their damage balanced against a character wielding a longsword (d8 damage). Of course, a fighter could use a greatsword, or great...