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    2000AD Hand Bombs

    p 103 talks about Hand Bombs (aka Grenades). I'm a bit unsure about a few things in their description, so just to check I have it right: - You throw them to a square (vs DEFENCE 10 to land on-target, else roll scatter). - If on-target you then roll an attack against all within the Burst 2...
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    2000AD Armour skill?

    The skills table on p 22 lists armour types as combat skills. However the section on DEFENCE (p79) doesn't mention armour skill as a possible addition to DEFENCE ratings (it does mention armour quality). The bottom of p 23 does mention armour skill as a way to benefit from higher quality armour...
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    2000AD AP rounds = 1/2 SE + Stun charge?

    AP rounds do 1/2 SE damage (2d6+2 -> 1d6+1). Do extra dice from exploits etc also get halved or is it just the base damage? Also, the weapons table shows the Mk I Lawgiver having a stun charge (2d6, range 3), but the text on p104 says this was added in the Mk II Lawgiver. How much stun charge...
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    2000AD Riot shot

    p109 Given that Riot shot range is 2, and its damage is halved beyond half the round's range, presumably that means half of maximum range i.e. max range is 5x2 according to p98, so Riot shot will do normal damage at 1-5 and half damage at 6-10?
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    2000AD Hidden use of LUCK

    p103 section on Lawgiver Pistol has a use for LUCK not mentioned on p137 "Role of Luck": Spend a LUC die to gain another shot of a particular round...
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    2000AD Hook and Old Age

    p75 "Old Characters" says the bonus gained from your hook increases to +2d6. Which sort of implies that it was +1d6 before. However, p19 says that if a task is related to your hook the dice pool explodes, and makes no mention of any other bonus.
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    2000AD XP for grade advancements

    I'm unsure about grade advancement (not seen this mentioned elsewhere). p83 says you need 10x new grade number to advance, so a starting character needs 60 XP for their 6th grade. However, for a medium difficulty advancement, p83 says that characters gain XP equal to their own grade. Therefore...
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    Ride: Spur Mount

    Does Ride:Spur Mount increase the mount's base move, or the total move of a mount for the entire round? The rule says that "A successful Ride check increases the mount's speed by 10 feet for 1 round". So if I spur my mount and take a double move, do I get (base speed x 2)+10' or (base...
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    Touch of Healing/Hustle/Force March

    Here's something interesting that only just occurred to me: A PC in my game has Touch of Healing as a feat (Complete Champion). The characters may soon be in a situation where they need to cover some distance (about 16 miles) to get to safety before some bad guys catch up with them. I was...
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    Break Enchantment

    Break Enchantment says: "can reverse even an instantaneous effect, such as Flesh to Stone..." and: "If the spell is one that cannot be dispelled by dispel magic, break enchantment works only if the spell is 5th level or lower..." but: Flesh to Stone is a 6th level spell, so does BE remove...
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    Master of Shrouds (DotF)

    Hi, Was just perusing this PrC in case I could use it and a couple of oddments jumped out at me: 1/ There is a spell list given, but the PrC advances at +1 caster level per level of PrC, so is this list of spells left over from an earlier version? It doesn't seem to have anything else to do...
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    Miniatures Handbook - Ring of Blades Spell

    The spell lasts for 1 min/level, and does 1d6+caster level to anyone within 5'. Now the description says it does this "on your turn", but this seems a bit vague - when on my turn? Suppose I run past someone for several spaces, do they take: a/ no damage, because it only applies after movement...
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    Miniatures Handbook - Warmage Edge

    Ok, another Warmage question! Warmage Edge gives +INT bonus to damage with damage dealing spells. Does this apply only to spells that the Warmage casts? How about from wands or other magic items? If not, how about wands, etc that the Warmage crafts himself? From the wording, I guess that it is...
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    Warmage question

    Hi, Does the Warmage prepare spells (as per wizard/cleric/druid), or cast spontaneously (as per sorceror et al)? The class in the Miniatures Handbook says under Characteristics that they prepare, and under Class Features - Spells, that they do not prepare in advance. Personally I'd go with...