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  1. jmhimara

    Podcast #69: Dungeons & Desktops with Shane Stacks and Matt Barton

    Real-time-with-pause (RTWP) certainly has its flaws, but not being able to take your time with it is not one of them. That's what the "pause" part of it. You can make RTWP work as a quasi-turned-based system if you wanted to. I think RTWP is a great compromise between full turned based and...
  2. jmhimara

    Active RPG magazines and periodicals

    I'm new in the forums so I'm not sure how things work, but I don't understand why the thread suddenly went to "awaiting for approval mode." Oh well. I'm guessing it does that every time I edit the original post. Sigh...
  3. jmhimara

    Game system for classic D&D modules

    Obviously, any older editions of D&D (OD&D, BECMI, B/X, RC, AD&D, etc.) will do. Same with any OSR clones. Despite their differences, the experience should be more or less the same regardless of what D&D variant you go with. Now for a completely different experience: A while back my friends...
  4. jmhimara

    Active RPG magazines and periodicals

    No. Feel free to suggest zines of any language.
  5. jmhimara

    Active RPG magazines and periodicals

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to compile a list of all RPG magazines/periodicals that are still active (as of 2019). I'd appreciate it if people could post the names or links of any magazines that they are aware of. Anything counts as long as it's RPG-related. It can be print or pdf, commercial or...