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  1. coolAlias

    5E Is Nature Cleric's Dampen Elements ability way overpowered?

    EDIT: No, it's not overpowered in typical play due to being very situational. Thanks everyone! Hey all, Just white-room theory-crafting here - I've never actually played nor run a game for a Nature Cleric. That said, looking at the 6th level cleric domain abilities, Dampen Elements sticks out...
  2. coolAlias

    5E More 'realistic' Carrion Crawler poison

    One thing that always struck me as odd is the description of Carrion Crawlers as using their poison to paralyze their prey and then drag them away to eat at their leisure, and the poison allowing a save each turn to end its effect. So here's my take on the Carrion Crawler that I feel gives it...