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  1. Summorox

    ZEITGEIST Results on PC research on Bleak gate

    Greetings! In my last session running 5e 5Zeeitgeist on roll20,my players managed to capture Reed Macabannin and prevent the witchoil catastrophe, so all thats left is some closing roleplay to the adventure. For that reason, i asked for my players to give me any activities that their characters...
  2. Summorox

    ZEITGEIST Running the campaign for more than 6 players.

    Hey guys, first time poster here. Been lurking here looking at Zeitgeist posts for the past half a year and now i come humbly seeking your advice. About a year ago, i started running Zeitgeist for two newbies and four veterans of DnD and despite some hiccups at the start, the first adventure...