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  1. DnD Warlord

    Creating a game

    If I wanted to make my own RPG and sell it how hard is it? Not the mechanics (hard enough) not the fluff (still hard enough) but the actually selling it. Where do you find printing and editors? How do you spread word of it? If I wanted to make my own retro clone d&d useing the old ogl is...
  2. DnD Warlord

    General Class fluff and reflavor

    Changing the flavor that go with classes. The idea is pretty simple and I am sure that to some degree or another we have all done it. However Morrius's Barbarian thread made me remember a world I did a year or so ago with some modifications. I wonder if anyone else has any to share… Here is...
  3. DnD Warlord

    6E Races as classes

    I have been thinking more and more about basic d&d and the dwarf and elf classes. With everything going on with race changes I wonder about going back to racial classes. Not as mandatory. Like as a multi class. So at 1st level if you take wizard fighter ect...you basically would be a human...
  4. DnD Warlord

    5E Psi Playtest

    Hey everyone. I am looking to ask some quastions about the 2020 update to psionics for D&D 5e. I have just started a Roll20 campaign (I am new to this whole distance D&D thing, we had a campaign in person that fell apart due to 2020) and I have 1 PC useing the Psi Knight rules. We just hit...