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    2 maps, 2 encounter stories, more maps & a question

    Hello. 2 maps! Click on the thumbnails for ultra high res links and once you get to the Dropbox page click on ‘comments‘ to see the encounter stories that go with them :) I have 400 maps like this, many of which have stories. You can see/buy them here...
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    Encounter maps made from drone photography!

    High res (5472x3078) version [here] Several hundred more photo (and video) maps available [here] I fly drones around the world and take low altitude high resolution images for encounter maps. I also take video footage. I then edit them, splice content together, stabilise and loop the video...
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    Kickstarter Mini Gaming Tables on Kickstarter

    Hey. I made these for some friends a while ago and they liked them so much I turned it into a kickstarter. It's worth a look if you play RPGs https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1375513803/charactable-rpg-board-for-character-sheet-dice-not?ref=user_menu...