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  1. ModernApathy

    Love stories

    Hey there, Here's a couple of ideas for 'Romeo and Juliet' plot lines for anyone thinking of running a Valentine themed adventure this week. I tend to avoid romance plots involving players unless they seek such things out themselves, but the love story is still a common trope that can be used...
  2. ModernApathy

    Campaign Elevator Pitch

    Campaign Elevator Pitch. An elevator pitch is a term for a short summary of an idea, usually a movie, that you could pitch to a producer if you ever found yourself next to one in a lift. So, sell me on your campaign idea as briefly as possible... Here's my homebrew: Labyrinthia is an...
  3. ModernApathy

    The Invisible King

    The Invisible King As someone that buys the random d&d minis I've ended up with a few 'invisibles' which has inspired a background character I've intended to throw into campaigns but so far has only existed as a rumour: 'the Invisible King' said to control an army of invisible stalkers, but...
  4. ModernApathy

    Monsters that punch above their CR

    Not to get into a whole thing about Challenge Ratings, but I was wondering if you’d come across any monsters that in play were far more dangerous than the monsters manual would have you believe. (I think generally there’s a feeling monsters can be a bit weak) I bring this up because in my last...
  5. ModernApathy

    Favorite Villain/ memorable Big Bads

    Just to compliment the ‘Favourite character you never got to play’ How about a favourite most memorable Villain / big bad guy thread? Either that you ran as DM, or came up against as a player. Although he wasn’t the over-arching villain, I had a young Black Dragon called Cottonmouth in my last...