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    5E Material components

    Hey guys, I would like to get some input on spell material components. Do you use it? Do you ignore it? How do you like it as a player, as a DM? What is your experience? etc ... All of my friends pretty much ignore it, but I start to think it can give a very good flavor for a campaign and a bit...
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    5E Boxed texts

    Hey guys, I have just noticed that a many streamers read aloud boxed texts from published modules. I have never experienced this in acutal play (next to a table) in my country. I am from eastern Europe where not everyone speaks English. Maybe that is why. The read aloud seems weird and it...
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    5E Dungeon room description

    Hey guys, I would like to publish some of my homebrew modules. Since this is my first attempt to publish something RPG related I started to read a lot about room descriptions. As far as I see there are two - sometimes contradictory - requirements: The module should be fun to read and...
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    5E Reusing G1 Steading of the Hill Giant Chief

    I like to reuse old school modules in my campaign world where I need to give lore to the module. This time I decided to use a very classic one: G1 Steading of the Hill Giant Chief by Gary Gygax. During this process I usually change so much that you cannot identify the original module. Still, it...
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    Gritty Campaigns. How you play one?

    Hey guys, We have been playing a gritty campaigns in 5e for 2 years now. It is a long journey and we tried a lot of things. This is how we play it now: http://oriaxx77.blogspot.com/2018/04/gritty-d-campaign.html . I am interested in how you play your gritty campaign, what optional rules you...