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    5E messy's 5e newbie questions thread

    75. does defense style work only with actual armor worn on one's body? does it work if the character isn't wearing armor but holding a shield? does it work with mage armor? 76. the observant feat mentions passive investigation, but i can't seem to find this mentioned anywhere else in the book...
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    5E Have you thrown 88 opponents at your party?

    time for a nitpick... Budd: You're telling me she cut through eighty-eight bodyguards before she got to O-Ren? Bill: Nah, there weren't really eighty-eight of them. They just called themselves "The Crazy 88." Budd: How come? Bill: I don't know. I guess they thought it sounded cool.
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    5E Monte Cook's Ptolus Kickstarter Has Launched

    same here. no doubt it would be worth it, but $150? too much. :confused:
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    Abilities scores for an universtal system.

    completely agree. i've always admired the ultima system: strength, dexterity, intelligence. simple, distinct, functional.
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    5E I'm really hating Constitution right now

    this is an idea i've toyed with because it makes so much sense. maybe +0 for slight races (like elves), +1 for medium races (like humans and halflings), and +2 for broad races (like dwarves and gnomes). and even if constitution no longer adds to hit points it's still a useful ability score and...
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    5E messy's 5e newbie questions thread

    that all makes sense, but what about wall of fire? it doesn't specify, leading one to assume it doesn't ignite combustibles. but on the other hand, it's, ya know, a wall of fire. it really seems like an open flame would ignite anything flammable that touches it.
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    jeez, what an awful month. neal peart, elizabeth wurtzel, christopher tolkein, terry jones, and sean reinert. bleh. :cry:
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    5E messy's 5e newbie questions thread

    73. it seems that it's possible to have four active spell effects in one round: one cast as a standard action (which would need to be a cantrip, like fire bolt), one cast as a bonus action (like misty step), one cast as a reaction (like shield), and one on which the caster is concentrating (like...
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    5E messy's 5e newbie questions thread

    72. is it safe to assume that any spell that does fire damage is capable of igniting combustibles, even if the spell description doesn't specifically say that it does (for example, produce flame, flame blade, and flame strike).
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    5E messy's 5e newbie questions thread

    some questions about spells and a few other random topics: 60. can call lightning be cast indoors? 61. is studded leather considered metal armor for the purposes of use by druids and for giving advantage to shocking grasp? 62. if two wizards hit a creature with ray of frost in the same round...
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    General D&D Pronunciation Guide

    "godeep," a drow house in erelhei-cinlu. i've always said "GOD-deep," but now i'm wondering if it's "GO-deep." anybody?
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    SF for the starfinder fans out there

    seen in my neighborhood in tucson, arizona:
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    5E messy's 5e newbie questions thread

    55. with casting times mostly of one minute, it would seem that most conjure spells are intended to be cast out of combat. this strikes me as odd. am i missing something? 56. it would seem that caster power has been reduced through the concentration mechanic, less spell slots, and less...
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    5E messy's 5e newbie questions thread

    51. bonus types and stacking seems to not be an issue in 5e (thank goodness). does this mean that one character can benefit from simultaneously holding a shield, casting shield of faith, and casting shield? 52. i'm having some confusion on when to use a skill and when to use a tool. the...
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    General From the Freelancing Frontline: The Beginning

    me three! also, thank you for clarifying what a sase is. i was never quite clear. and i believe it was the "no-sase ogre."
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    5E messy's 5e newbie questions thread

    47. armor seems to be an exception to the proficiency rule, in that proficiency in armor doesn't add your proficiency bonus to anything. is this correct? 48. if i'm understanding correctly, a spellcaster can have a spell component pouch OR a focus, and they serve the same function. is this correct?
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    5E messy's 5e newbie questions thread

    44. is there a way to create a permanent portal between planes? going outside phb for this is ok. 45. a fighter's action surge grants an extra action. does this mean that bob the 20th level fighter can make four attacks on his turn and then use action surge to make four more attacks on that...
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    5E messy's 5e newbie questions thread

    just stumbled on something that opens up a can of worms in the description for the herbalism kit: doesn't this imply that other magic items, or at least potions, can be crafted? if so, don't we need prices for those items? if a character with an herbalism kit can create a potion of healing...
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    5E messy's 5e newbie questions thread

    39. what is a ranged spell attack? it's mentioned in the firebolt description, among many other attack spells. 40. is it possible to make more than one attack with an off-hand weapon (while dual-wielding)? 41. is the dualing fighting style usable while holding a shield in one's off-hand? 42...
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    5E messy's 5e newbie questions thread

    37. the spell lists seem a little strange. i just noticed that wizards don't have access to the enhance ability spell! gasp! i always thought wizards had access to all arcane spells. on the other hand, the arcane/divine designation doesn't really seem to exist anymore. regardless, this strikes...