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  1. doctorbadwolf

    Alternative to Homebrewery?

    Does anyone know of any easy to use alternatives to Homebrewery, where you can just input data into a template to create 5e style products? My issue with Homebrewery is that if you forget your password, there doesn't seem to be any way to recover your work, and it saves everything in cookies...
  2. doctorbadwolf

    5E "Fixing" 5e's Least Well Performing Classes

    So, a lot of energy has been spent due to the obnoxious hyperbole of saying that a given class "sucks" because it doesn't do a thing one wants it to do, or is 5% under a "baseline" that isn't actually anything like a reasonable "baseline". /snark Why don't we, instead, talk about what would...
  3. doctorbadwolf

    General Drama In Your Dungeons?

    My wife watches tik tok videos, and a lot of it is D&D related. Some of the tropes used in these videos are very dramatic, and it makes me wonder about the games of folks around here! For me, our games can be silly at times, because we are silly people, but the pathos is very real. What about...
  4. doctorbadwolf

    5E Best Class For A Horse Archer?

    Now, first things first, this isn’t an optimization thread. I don’t care what build will wrk out that top tier extra 5% DPR, I want to have a good play experience as a mounted archer. So, what that means would probably be; Mobility. Not just movement speed, but ability to do more than just...
  5. doctorbadwolf

    5E Polynesian and Indigenous Heroes, Orenda, and Mana

    So, I have been inspired recently to think about Mana and Orenda and how they could be part of DnD, and broaden the cultural base of the game. In particular I think that a related concept could be a really good basis for the Monk's inner spiritual power. Mana and Orenda are both, far as I can...
  6. doctorbadwolf

    5E Necromancy Cantrip Idea

    Minor Psychic Wraith Necromancy cantrip Casting Time: 1 action Range: 60 feet Components: V, S Duration: 1 minute, concentration You lock eyes with a creature you can see within range, and speak the name of a minor psychic wraith, calling it from the body of your enemy. The wraith appears...
  7. doctorbadwolf

    5E Defensive Duelist fix?

    Defensive Duelist is pretty weak sauce, so I’d like to spice it up. My main idea is to add a repost if you make the attack miss? Does it then become too strong for classes with strong single attacks? If so, what about two separate things? If an attack misses you, you can make an attack...
  8. doctorbadwolf

    5E Better Beasts?

    Let's build some better beasties for our 5e games! The beasts, especially the basic ones in the phb, are just...really, dreadfully, bland. SO, what simple traits would you add, and what simple changes would you make, to make using beasts more interesting?
  9. doctorbadwolf

    5E Intelligence Based Dueling Ideas

    So, I don't think that allowing a character to use Intelligence for attack and damage is a balance issue, especially in an edition where charisma as an attack stat is one to three levels of warlock away, and only 2 classes use Int as a main stat. That being said, I don't think I'm going to...
  10. doctorbadwolf

    5E Ideas For a World of Islands? (+thread)

    Hi! This is a thread dedicated to thinking about a world of islands. I'll list the primary goals, and some basic parameters, below, but the overall feel is supposed to be reminiscent of games like Chrono Cross, where you start out as a kid in a fishing village on a smallish island, or Legend of...
  11. doctorbadwolf

    Initiative, Combat Stances, and Types of Actions!

    So, @Bawylie reminded me of an idea I've been kicking around in my WIP game. IT's not a new idea, but it combines elements from several games. What might it look like to have initiative modified by combat stance, and by the type of action you last took? There are a few ideas here, not all of...
  12. doctorbadwolf

    5E Changeling Feats

    Anyone come up with any? My thought is to use a feat to add the ability to gain race abilities and features they don’t have, like increased speed, working wings, powerful build, etc.
  13. doctorbadwolf

    5E A Character That Absorbs and/or Nullifies Magic?

    I gave up on this a while ago, for my rogue/wizard, and he just has a sword that can cast Absorb Elements, Counterspell, and Dispel Magic. However, I still have this idea that is just something I feel DnD and a lot of other games just don't have any way to model, that I would really love to be...
  14. doctorbadwolf

    5E Power Armor of Tools (Disguise Kit)

    The UA Armorer Artificer gains Power Armor. My read of it is that you are intended to be able to infuse it, as it is not technically a magic item. Armor of Tools, also from UA, allows you to make a tool part of your armor. Nothing unreasonable, here. COmbine them, and it seems to me that you...
  15. doctorbadwolf

    5E Artificer Rogue?

    A lot of my Artificer-style character concepts are pretty rogueish, and I’ve been wondering if anyone has seen any 3pp rogue archetypes that use mechanics similar to the official Artificer?
  16. doctorbadwolf

    General A Gruumsh Of A Different Type

    So, he’s a god of Fury, War, Destruction, and Orcs. Can we make a Neutral god out of that? Or maybe even an evil god that mortals would not just placate out of fear? What about a god of Wrath, The Wild, and Retribution? I can imagine characters of any alignment (Lawful being the least natural...
  17. doctorbadwolf

    5E How about Them Grung?

    Has anyone here played one? What did you think? I have a Grung Ranger in our Space Opera game (currently just test one shots), and he’s fun so far.
  18. doctorbadwolf

    5E New and Different Dragons! Forest/Green Dragon!

    HI! I don't like DND's dragons, and as a result I rarely use them. Rather than just ignoring dragons, going forward, I'd love to come up with some new dragons and stat them out. So, here are my goals, and I'd love the thoughts of anyone who likes and or shares those goals. Make dragons more...
  19. doctorbadwolf

    5E Why Are Ability Scores Necessary?

    I've been thinking about this for a long time. I've played a lot of characters who could be members of a given class, if not for the need for a high score in some ability or other. A rogue who story wise is hyper-intelligent, impulsive, and doesn't really understand other people easily, who is...
  20. doctorbadwolf

    5E Any good 3PP Dryads for 5e?

    The more Magic worlds we get, the more I wish 5e had a Dryad race. Anyone have a favorite 3pp Dryad or a favorite homebrew take?