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  1. Warmaster Horus

    5E Why Lichdom?

    Why would a powerful mage choose lichdom over having a living, breathing, younger clone to transfer into upon death?
  2. Warmaster Horus

    Full Season 7 Mod List

    Looks like AL has their full Season 7 module list up now. Next drop isn't until February... :( http://dndadventurersleague.org/storyline-seasons/tomb-of-annihilation/tomb-of-annihilation-adventures/
  3. Warmaster Horus


    I ran a Tier III game (CCC-QCC20176) last Saturday at the local open AL meet at my FLGS. We had over 60 people signed up to play and as expected I had no trouble filling a table. We had a great time as usual but keeping the challenge interesting at this level meant overclocking the encounters...
  4. Warmaster Horus

    WotC AL Survey

    Here's this month's WotC Survey, just for AL. http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/news/adventurers-league-survey
  5. Warmaster Horus

    AL Survey?

    So the Gamehole Con 'State of D&D' podcast mentioned a big AL survey going out this week. Any news on how that's going to be done? I assume as a standard D&D web page survey akin to the ones done for UA?
  6. Warmaster Horus

    5E Xanathar's and Counterspell

    There is a suggested method for identifying a spell being cast in XGtE that requires you to use a reaction (or a following action) to roll an Intelligence(Arcana) check to determine what is being cast. This really messes up Counterspell in common play. Since both determining the spell and...
  7. Warmaster Horus

    Gamehole Con (Madison WI) this week - Nov 2-5)

    A quick shout out for Gamehole Con in Madison WI, beginning Thursday 11/2. There are over 60 AL tables in place and I know many posters here are attending. If you have a chance, come by and join us!
  8. Warmaster Horus

    Planar Binding in AL

    The Planar Ally spell allows the caster to bind a fey, fiend, celestial or elemental to their service for up to 1yr+1day and 1000gp as 9th level spell. So for some casters you can potentially have a large number of powerful servants in their thrall. Any DM guidance on this possibility? How is...
  9. Warmaster Horus

    5E 5e D&D Poker

    I was thinking about running a high stakes card game (poker) in an upcoming D&D session and wanted to find a way to actually have the players play poker but augment it with their characters' abilities. Essentially this meant finding a way of providing advantages/disadvantages to players based...
  10. Warmaster Horus

    Hero Camp ... May 6 & 7 in Madison WI

    Hero Camp, a 2-day AL con in Madison, WI, is coming up on May 6 & 7. Check it out ... https://www.gameholecon.com/attend/herocamp
  11. Warmaster Horus

    AL FAQ and Table-Generated Permanent Magic Items

    The AL FAQ (as downloaded this morning), with regard to Permanent Magic Items generated from Treasure Table rolls, still states... DM's should never award permanent magic items in this way, including (but not limited to) permanent items with a limited number of charges... However the SKT AL...
  12. Warmaster Horus

    AL Faction Guide available

    Looks like we are getting some tangible rewards and goals for participating in a faction now. Great work, AL admins! http://dndadventurersleague.org/a-guide-to-the-factions-of-faerun
  13. Warmaster Horus

    Backend SKT Module Info Released

    The Adventurer's League site has released info on their post-December SKT modules, including two for Tier IV. Final mod release date is April 4. http://dndadventurersleague.org/storyline-seasons/storm-kings-thunder/storm-kings-thunder-modules/
  14. Warmaster Horus

    Question about PHLAN1-2

    I'll be running PHLAN1-2 (from Baldman) soon. My copy from DM's Guild does not have clear info on what party level this adventure is optimized for. Anyone know? Thanks!
  15. Warmaster Horus

    Fai Chens' and Uncerted Items

    With Gamehole Con coming up I'm considering trading in a couple of uncerted items picked up by characters in CoS and SKT. Is that allowed? If it is, do I show the rep the player log entry when doing so? Thanks!
  16. Warmaster Horus

    5E 0 Hit Points and Polymorph

    DMs - how do you handle the following circumstance? A PC is reduced to 0 HP and falls unconscious. Wizard targets their unconscious body with Polymorph, transforming them into a large beast at full HP. There is a clause in Polymorph saying the transformation lasts for the duration or until...
  17. Warmaster Horus

    Running OotA at Home - How do I award DT and Renown to the players?

    When playing the published adventures in Home Play how are Down Time and Renown awarded?
  18. Warmaster Horus

    5E Home Play DT and Renown Awards

    When playing the published adventures in Home Play how are Down Time and Renown awarded?
  19. Warmaster Horus

    5E Can I use a Bonus Action Spell and a Wand in the same Turn?

    I know that my wizard can only cast a 1-action cantrip if they use a bonus action spell in a turn (Action Surge not withstanding). However can I use a bonus action spell and a wand in the same turn? Many wands say something like ... "use an action to expend one of it's charges to cast the...
  20. Warmaster Horus

    Season 3 and Madness

    I played a couple of Expeditions this week and found that Madness, while flavorful, was a major distraction to the game. In one module, which involved significant travel through the Underdark, there was a high DC Wisdom save for every rest. In a large party that was a total of several dozen...