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    SF for the starfinder fans out there

    seen in my neighborhood in tucson, arizona:
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    5E messy's 5e newbie questions thread

    similar to this thread, i've only just delved into 5e, having read every word of the phb up to the spells section (which i've only browsed). let's call this post 1 of this new thread. without further ado, my questions from my initial read of the 5e phb. please keep in mind this is the only 5e...
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    unfinished works

    there are many unfinished creative works out there. some are in progress while others almost certainly won't ever be completed. some that are most meaningful to me are from fiction, adventures, story hour, and television. what are your most meaningful unfinished creative works?
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    can't reach last page of thread

    when i try to open the last page of this thread, either by clicking "17" or "last," i'm redirected to page 16: thread help?
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    i had a dream about robotech...

    but i've never seen robotech! :lol: maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something...
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    best/saved threads

    what happened to the too-good-to-lose, best-of-enworld threads? i can't find them anywhere. :confused:
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    what was your favorite long-running dragon magazine comic?

    opinions seem to be all over the map, so let's put it to a vote!
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    saving a thread

    is there a quick and easy way to save an entire thread for offline reading?
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    dragon's delve

    was dragon's delve, the adventure created by monte cook on dungeonaday.com ever made available for purchase? i can't find it anywhere.
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    reading adventure pdfs

    i'm looking for a way to read pdfs like this and this, but just can't read hundreds of pages on a computer and have no wish to print that many pages. for a techno-newbie, what device is the best, easiest, cheapest way to read adventure pdfs?
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    this is what kids are watching?

    i recently watched the first two episodes of adventure time. when i was a kid i watched g.i. joe, which had well-written plots, good animation, and characters who had personality. now kids watch a show that has infantile plots, simplistic animation, and characters who are... cupcakes. did i...
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    ptolus campaign character pages

    while many of the original ptolus game threads, like this one, are still available, the individual character pages are nowhere to be found. anyone have links to the old pages or stat blocks for the company of the black lantern or the runewardens?
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    ability score interpretation

    came up with this way of interpreting ability scores: strength= physical strength. dexterity= physical agility. constitution= physical toughness. intelligence= mental strength. wisdom= mental toughness. charisma= mental agility. does that make sense?
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    PF1E choose-your-own spellcasting mechanic

    a wizard could cast spells as a sorcerer (spontaneously, using the sorcerer's spells per day list, spells known list, and progression). a sorcerer could cast spells as a wizard (prepared from a spellbook, using the wizard's spells per day list, spells known list, and progression). same thing...
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    PF1E follower advancement

    the followers that can be acquired through feats and class features such as animal companion (including a paladin's mount), cohort (including squire and torchbearer), and eidolon all seem to become less powerful in relation to their masters as their master advances in levels. familiars are an...
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    maximizing dice rolls

    this question is meant in the context of 3e/3.5/pf, but could apply to any edition (or any rpg, i suppose). what would happen if all non-d20 rolls were maximized? for example, a fighter gets 10 hit points plus bonuses/level, a longsword does 8 points of damage plus bonuses, and a first level...
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    PF1E kavar the unclean

    been reading this, and am wondering how this can possibly be legit: "Kavar’s real strength is his ability to heal two hit points per round at will using the combination of a message spell, heightened two levels (but not requiring higher level slots due to the traits), and casting the spell on...
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    PF1E elude blows

    dm's: would you allow elude blows (from monte cook's book of experimental might) in your game? elude blows allows a character to subtract a number from their damage rolls and add the same number to their armor class. presumably this would function mechanically like combat expertise and power...
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    console rpg recommendations

    i've been a little (ok, a lot) out of the console loop for the past 15 years, and i'm thinking of picking up a console to play some rpgs. my favorite game is the baldur's gate series and i also love the final fantasy series (but haven't played it since ff7). can anyone recommend a console and...
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    character point buy system

    hiya, two questions about character classes: 1. in the generic class option of dnd 3.5, the warrior and expert don't seem terribly well balanced. the warrior's strengths are d10 hit points, strong bab, lots of weapon and armor proficiency, and many bonus feats. the expert's strengths are two...