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  1. Louis Brenton

    5E Tyranny of Dragons & Elemental Evil Miniatures

    I don't normally game with minis, but I was pondering getting a set of the 5 chromatic dragons from the Tyranny & EE series to display in my game room. I'm seeking the wisdom of those of you who have seen these minis in person, as I've only seen them online. In particular, from the Tyranny...
  2. Louis Brenton

    5E Artist Mike Schley running a sale on all digital artwork (including adventure maps)

    Mike Schley is (in my mind) the best D&D cartographer in the universe. He's contributed to 5E materials such as Lost Mine of Phandelver, Princes of the Apocalypse, & Out of the Abyss (& countless older, pre-5E resources). If you're the type who likes to purchase digital downloads of maps...
  3. Louis Brenton

    Emerald Spire 5E conversion?

    Hi. I was in Barnes & Noble recently & I came across the Emerald Spire Pathfinder book. I was completely fascinated by it, & I would LOVE to run it in 5E. I'm wondering if anyone knows if someone's done a full 5E conversion. I'm aware that someone over on Tribality posted a few levels that...