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  1. Doctor Atomic

    my players told me what they want in a rpg for the next campaign

    I am bringing my Fantasy AGE campaign to a close and my players told me the features they were looking for in the next game. 1) Mages are fun and do not follow the Clod to God D&D model where they start out useless and weak and along the way suddenly become the most powerful class on the board...
  2. Doctor Atomic

    5E eldritch knight: how is this rule interpreted?

    On page 75 of the PHB under eldritch knight spell casting it says this: You know three 1st-level wizard spells of your choice, two of which you must choose from the abjuration and evocation spells on the wizard spell list. Does this mean I can choose spells from outside the abjuration and...
  3. Doctor Atomic

    Looking for an AL module to run at a convention

    I'm looking for suggestions for a tier 2 module to run at a convention, I'd prefer some sort of dungeon crawl or ruins exploration. I was looking at DDAL04-10 (The Artifact) but am open to suggestions. thanks