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    RPG Crowdfunding News – Heckna!, Creatures, Skullkickers, and more

    They paid for a plug on Critical Role. That likely helped quite a bit.
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    Group is full...

    Existing online group looking to add 2-3 players for a Genesys powered Urban Fantasy game Time/Time Zone: Every other Friday night from 7-10pm* MST (GMT-7) System: Fantasy Flight’s Genesys System Method: Discord, RPG Sessions Setting: Urban Fantasy. We will hold a session zero, where we'll...
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    FFG's SWRPG - If you could only choose one, which one would you choose?

    I chose Edge both in the poll and my campaign because it is by far, IMO, the most versatile of all the settings. Combined with the supplements the OP mentioned there really isn’t any era or adventure you couldn’t create. I added Dawn of the Rebellion just to narrow my timeline a bit and open the...
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    Which edition of Star Wars RPG are you currently interested in?

    Started running FFG Star Wars last week with my DND group. We’re playing through the Jewel of Yavin adventure on the off weeks of our DND campaign. Everyone picked up on the system quickly and we all had a blast. Looking forward to more of it.
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    Fantasy Flight Games Discontinuing RPGs?

    I don’t think the license is a simple split of board games vs miniature games. FFG produced a dice game, card game, two straight up board games (Rebellion and Outer Rim), and of course the RPG.
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    Critical Role Critical Role Campaign 2

    Not PG at all. The language can get so expletive laden at times that it borders on incoherent. It's my only real beef with Critical Role. One would think that such creative people wouldn't rely on such banal language. I won't watch it with my kids around.
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    Elkton, MD/Newark, DE Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

    Want to learn the new Marvel RPG? I am running some learn-to-play sessions at Comic Books, Supplies, Table Games, Game Nights: Icons Comics and Games Starting Wednesday 4/11/12 at 6:30pm All you need is dice. Let me know if you are interested.
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    "Books Only" Players

    Some questions for those players out there that don't use DDI, just the published materials. How much have you enjoyed the most recent Player's Options Books? Do you feel compelled to buy the newest Player's Options Books regardless of what they are? How do you handle errata?
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    4E The "We Can't Roleplay" in 4E Argument

    I am willing to concede on this scenario. You are correct according to 4e RAW what you just described cannot happen.
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    4E The "We Can't Roleplay" in 4E Argument

    I am not arguing whether or not the creature has knowledge of the effect. I am arguing that that knowledge does not supercede or limit the narrative Imaro explicitly states "and thus in fact does limit the narrative that can take place" Please give me an example of how that is true.
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    4E The "We Can't Roleplay" in 4E Argument

    I totally disagree. The only way that your statement would be true is if the knowledge the monster gained dictated a specific type of reaction. There is no realistic expectation that the risk of danger would inhibit a creature's desire to act in a way that provokes that risk. In real life...
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    4E The "We Can't Roleplay" in 4E Argument

    Not at all. The rule of creature knowledge is one of a number of factors that influence how a DM interprets a monster's behavior. Narative is another.
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    4E The "We Can't Roleplay" in 4E Argument

    There is no rationale for my comment outside of my personal preferences, which is why I prefaced it with (imho). Why wouldn't it react with that knowledge taken into consideration? Because other factors are overiding that consideration. Such as pain, rage, fear, hunger, hubris, hope that help...
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    4E The "We Can't Roleplay" in 4E Argument

    So to clarify you are not saying you think this rule inhibits a DM's decision making or that it necessitates strict tactical adherence in the form of a specific reaction. You just think it is unrealistic that a "dumb" monster knows the same things that a "smart" monster does. Is this correct...
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    4E The "We Can't Roleplay" in 4E Argument

    I did. I don't think you can separate the two. The metagame knowledge is only an issue if it's tactical ramifications are the basis of the DM's decision making. So yes the Meta is that the ooze "knows" the rogue is poised to make an immediate reaction but it only effects in game RP if the DM...
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    4E The "We Can't Roleplay" in 4E Argument

    But according to RAW does Riposte Strike place an effect on the creature? I don't think so. The creature is not marked, slowed, dazed, etc. It just sets up an immediate reaction for the PC. Regardless, I believe the onus is on the DM. I play my monsters as monsters, ignoring marks and zones if...
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    2 Boxes Lords of Madness in the mail today

    Sorry, I don't think I can post pics but I threw a bunch up on my twitter feed: http://twitter.com/hutchback Not sure how I feel about getting the same huge mini twice (Trihorn Behemoth), but all in all I am pleased with what I got. 2 Rot Grubs 2 Orc Archers 2 Trihorn Behemoths 1 Dwarf...
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    Amateur review of Sly Flourish’s Dungeon Master Tips

    Amateur review of Sly Flourish’s Dungeon Master Tips The following is my review of Sly Flourish’s Dungeon Master Tips To begin I want to tell you a little about myself as a gamer. I feel that this context may important to how you perceive this review. I was one of those much talked about...
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    D&D Encounters, just what the Dr ordered?

    I realize that what I am about to convey is purely anecdotal, but I am curious if others have experienced the same thing. I have been playing in a weekly 4E game at my FLGS for a number of months. The group I joined had been meeting for some time already. There were regularly 8 of us including...
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    Starting New 4E Game in Newark, DE

    Greetings, I am a rookie DM looking to start a new group to play some 4e on Monday Nights at the Days of Knight's Game Club. The sessions will start on Monday, March 22 at 7p.m. We will max this group out at 5 players and I already have 1 signed up. Ideally we will run adventures from the...