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  1. BOZ

    Online source database for board and tabletop game reviews?

    I know that if you look up the individual pages for role-playing games at rpg.net and rpgeek.com, novels at isfbd.org, and video games at mobygames.com, those pages have listings of known reviews in trade publications for the item in question. The listings are far from complete in each case, but...
  2. BOZ

    Roger Raupp

    Can anyone confirm if artist Roger Raupp has died? Someone has been trying to edit his Wikipedia page asserting that he changed his name to Rudy Didier Rauben and died 12/17/2019 in Bellingham WA. The only source they gave was BoardGameGeek, which is a fine website but since it can be edited...
  3. BOZ

    Carl Sargent

    I'm not sure what their source is, but if this is accurate then it look slike he has passed away: https://officialfightingfantasy.blogspot.com/2018/11/carl-sargent-1952-2018.html?fbclid=IwAR2LtvsUubHKGPna-Iyrt_VCdqNlFSZoYi6ELKDTzeiUyzD1hNxZUQdqB7Q
  4. BOZ

    Ken Frank (D&D illustrator)

    There are two men named Ken Frank whom I believe are probably the same person, but I am wondering if anyone can prove it for sure. The first Ken Frank I was aware of was a man who did D&D artwork for TSR throughout the 1990s...
  5. BOZ

    Video game adaptations of tabletop hobby games

    Am I missing any that you can think of? Anything at all? Video games based on tabletop RPGs (D&D is a subcategory): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Video_games_based_on_tabletop_role-playing_games Video games based on miniatures games...
  6. BOZ

    Ken Whitman

    I am looking for reliable, independent sources to improve the article I wrote for Ken Whitman on Wikipedia. I don't know how difficult that will be, but I have not had much luck yet. Designers & Dragons was a good source for this, but I need more than that to really improve the article. Maybe...
  7. BOZ

    Glen Orbik

    According to someone posting on Wikipedia, artist Glen Orbik has passed away. Does anyone have a link to confirm this?
  8. BOZ

    Did Charles Stross write a follow-up article on the githyanki for "White Dwarf"?

    The Wikipedia article on githyanki alleged that he did a follow-up article that appeared in "White Dwarf" #76 (April 1986). I looked in that issue, and in #75 and #77, but did not find such an article. Can anyone help find if this article exists, and if so which issue it was in?
  9. BOZ

    Whither the artifacts?

    I am trying to track down all the artifacts that originally appeared in Eldritch Wizardry (i.e., the first set of artifacts in print for D&D), and where they ended up in 3e. I have tracked many of them down, but some are still elusive. These are the ones I know about (AEG=Arms & Equipment...
  10. BOZ

    Published Planescape adventures

    Does anyone have a list - that you can post or find online - of all the adventures published for the Planescape setting? I'm not just talking about the modules, but also the adventures in the boxed sets and other sourcebooks as well. Although I could do the work myself when I can find the...
  11. BOZ

    Scott Ciencin

    Can anyone confirm if author Scott Ciencin has passed away? People on Wikipedia have been reporting this, but I haven't seen any reliable sources to confirm this yet.
  12. BOZ

    Help me set up a village, dungeon, and castle

    I am working on a scenario for a D&D-esque RPG that I made for my daughter. My goal is to have enough material that we could play a scenario this weekend, and continue it next weekend at GenCon. The idea ist that the PCs come to a village where the inhabitants have been plagued by monsters...
  13. BOZ

    4E Full 4E product list?

    Does anyone have a link to a full product list for 4E D&D?
  14. BOZ

    Looking for maps

    I am working on a campaign for my 9-year old daughter, using a very rules-light system that I invented. I am going to send her to a place that should keep her busy for a while. Basically a small village near a mountain; built into the mountain is a castle with a dungeon below it. Does anyone...
  15. BOZ

    Aaron Allston

    Aaron Allston has passed away. :( Would anyone be able to help me fix up his Wikipedia bio?
  16. BOZ

    Need hundreds of feathers to make arrows

    I'm playing a 15th-level druid as part of a party in a 3.5 campaign. I have been tasked with obtaining hundreds – if not thousands – of bird feathers so that a small town can mass produce arrows to defend against a small army. Assuming that it would be difficult to purchase the necessary...
  17. BOZ

    Gamers in politics

    I've been doing a lot of work on game designers' articles on Wikipedia in the last few months - just noticed a few of them have something in common. First of all, I wrote the Clark Peterson article before I ever realized he was a judge. Then just yesterday, I realized that this Rob Bell was...
  18. BOZ

    Anthony J. Bryant

    I have seen a few IP editors on Wikipedia posting that Anthony J. Bryant has passed away, but the best I have seen so far is Facebook posts and forums as sources. Can you help me keep an eye on this one, and if possible add any better sources to this one in case what they are saying is true...
  19. BOZ

    Duncan Harris?

    Can anyone find any verifiable information on this person? An article on Wikipedia about him (apparently an auto-biography) was deleted, but I can't find any information on any of these games. Is any of this for real? This was the contents of the article: Duncan Harris (born September 5...
  20. BOZ

    What are the main Dragonlance characters properly called?

    I have seen "Heroes of the Lance", and I have seen "The Companions" - what are they properly called as a party?