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    Avengers -Tabletop in Virginia - Weekly D20

    [Real-World] Virginia Peninsula; Superheroes; Mutants & Masterminds; [mnm3e] Avengers Weekly Tabletop. We're Gonna Be Having A Weekly Tabletop Game. B-) Bring Dice And Pencils, And Some Teamwork. It's D20 Superheroes, Mutants And Masterminds Third Edition. Played Weekly...
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    Starfinder, Virginia Peninsula

    Weekly Starfinder campaign Atomic Comics 2, Denbigh Blvd Newport News ===================== B-) Tuesday nights, start by 7 pm, finish by closing time ~11 pm. ===================== :paizo: Custom Scenario Sandbox Style Gaming. Start at First level Pre-Gen characters available, or we can...
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    SF Starfinder Fan-Edit Map

    Here's a map of the Pact Worlds I made, since the one in the rulebook is so cramped. IMGUR LINK hope its useful, and you like it. :cool:
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    Looking for Group - Virginia Peninsula

    Weekly game desired. Have been DMing for a while. Looking to play for a stint. Newport News Area and environs Games preferred: Starfinder, Pathfinder, DnD-3.5, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch. Black Crusade, Dark Heresy, Tabletop Vampire, Iron Kingdoms. Champions, Mutants-Masterminds, D20 Modern...
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    Rogue Trader - Tabletop in Hampton Roads

    Monday Nights, Worlds Best Comics 6:30 pm start. Weekly Tabletop All rules and miniatures provided.
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    PF1E Sell Me (or not) on PF: IRON GODS

    Not usually being interested in PF, but Iron Gods has caught my eye.Any reviews from GMs who actually ran it?Players who lived through it ?TIA
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    TV Shows in a D&D World

    If there were such an item like our television (i.e. a device that allowed a roomful of persons to watch a cultural or entertainment show) in a D&D type fantasy world: What would be some of the shows on the schedule ? (Greyhawk Preferred, but any thing OK) I don't care how the thing works...
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    Critique my Character, Please. M&M3, Level 8, Utility Magician.

    Wang Chung ~:mnm:~ setting is 1939, eve of WW2, San Francisco. Post-Pulp, Superheroes Emergent. Sheet is here. Character has 2 innate powers, Danger Sense, Ghost Sense. and is working on developing more psy stuff. All his other powers derive from chinese alchemy and sorcery. Idea is an...
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    Account + Facebook Question

    I apparently have two accounts. Can we deactivate the old one and connect this one to my facebook ? :confused: I have tried on my end, but I think I need mod help. Thanks.
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    High Elves Vs. Kaiju

    Let's say our Elven forest will be overrun soon. By a Kaiju (OA Gargantua), a reptilian beast not unlike Godzilla. Their council of high level wizards and fighter/wizards of course wants to prevent this. Their epic level guy is on vacation, so they have to do the job with only 20th level {or...
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    Ideas for Campaign: Battle-Hawk-3000

    my upcoming D&D campaign will be a large one I hope. I'd like any help or brainstorming please. The elevator pitch is this: It is 1000 years after the age of Steam in Greyhawk. New factions arise, and giant machines walk the land, some call them battle-mechs. here's my page of notes thus far ...
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    My next D&D campaign; I want to make a doozy. BATTLE HAWK 3OOO will be combining the following elements: Large Steam Powered War-Mechs World of Greyhawk Techno-Magic of a futuristic bent I've got a home-page on my Google Sites (Egyptoid) Please help me with ideas. I'm using the future...