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    Come for another visit soon! - Gary

    Blog post about a letter from Gygax to Arneson in 1973. https://www.secretsofblackmoor.com/blog/come-for-another-visit-soon-gary
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    Free Secrets of Blackmoor: The True History Of Dungeons & Dragons Watch It Now online

    The entire 2+ hour documentary feature can be seen online. 🌟We are offering a deal on T-shirts, watch the movie free now and get the T-shirt later, in our store: https://store.secretsofblackmoor.com/ 🌟Watch on our website: https://www.secretsofblackmoor.com/ 🌟Watch on Amazon...
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    Vimeo On Demand - Secrets of Blackmoor: The True History of Dungeons & Dragons

    The entire documentary film is available through Vimeo on demand starting at $5.95 Watch the trailer or rent the movie here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/sobfinal
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    Kickstarter [KickStarter] Secrets of Blackmoor Documentary Film

    Hi there, We want to announce the KickStarter for the Documentary Film about Dave Arneson and his Blackmoor Bunch: Secrets of Blackmoor For over 5 years now we've been working on this extensive research documentary. We were very self aware about Hubris and how the Best Laid Plans can back...
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    The oldest RPG rules?

    Daniel Boggs just published on the Richard Snider Variation. His article link and some photos of Richard on our blog. http://www.secretsofblackmoor.com/blog/an-astounding-discovery-by-daniel-boggs-the-snider-variation
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    Playing in Tonisborg with the Bards of Greyhawk

    If you are interested in really old Dungeons, this article briefly touches on the subject, but what is perhaps more interesting is that there are photos where you see pieces of Greg Svenson's 1973 dungeon of Tonisborg. http://www.secretsofblackmoor.com/blog/greyhawk-meets-blackmoor To the...
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    Cheating in D&D

    I am a cheater! More silly musings about Cheating at D&D. More for a traditional OSR crowd than the newer RPG's, but who knows. http://www.secretsofblackmoor.com/blog/quick-and-dirty-disposable-dungeons-part-2-how-to-cheat
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    Secrets of Blackmoor Documentary Offering FREE Screener

    Secrets of Blackmoor is seeking support as we reach the expensive stage of film post production. Sure, we can just do everything ourselves, but it would be a couple years before we could finish the film. Unlike other gaming ventures, we don't want to make empty promises and then leave everyone...