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    A simple, system-neutral encumbrance system incorporating weight and bulk

    This is your thread now; may you have what joy of it you can.
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    Terminal ballistics and armour-shattering arrows

    Would anyone happen to know the answers to the following questions, with regards to collisions between projectiles (ex: arrows) and armour (ex: plate cuirasses)? I have, at this point, been able to determine that heavier, slower projectiles do less damage, but have an "armour piercing" effect...
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    Good inkjet paper for printing .pdfs (North American retailers)?

    I'm looking for printer paper for printing off .pdfs that I buy. The printer paper I have now is 20 lb, and colour covers are visible from the other side. Brands, actual product, lbs of paper, descriptors, etc. are all good info. What I know about printer paper can be summed up as "high lbs =...
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    5E I'm not saying it's just an easy caravan guard job, but... (LMoP) (IC)

    It is mid-afternoon of your third day out from Neverwinter, having just begun travelling on the Triboar trail, when the first sign of trouble strikes. You have had a pleasant journey so far; fair skies and winds that aren't too cool. The oxen proved well-used to the harness, and required little...
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    5E I'm not saying it's just an easy caravan guard job, but... (LMoP) (OOC)

    The dwarf was not old, exactly; but threads of grey ran through his waist-length beard. "It's a simple enou' job", he states. "Run thes' crates up t' Barthan's provisio' in Phandalin. It's a small town down a trail off Triboar Trail, which heads east off th' High Road. Here's a map. Take the'...
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    Answer/Question game...In alternate universes

    In an answer/question game, the first person comes up with an answer. Responders have to come up with a valid question that could have resulted in that answer. The first person to come up with a valid question gets to post the next answer. As an additional difficulty in this one, the question...
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    3E/3.5 Common misconceptions (3.5)

    Having seen these at least a few times (and done at least a few of them myself), I thought it would be helpful to have a unified place to post misconceptions you've seen, as well as the correction. By no means do I imply that these misconceptions happen often; but they do happen, and it would...
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    Lycanthrope (This bites)

    This is a combination commentary and questions on Lycanthrope, in list form. 1) Fiction is replete with characters controlling an evil transformation through sheer willpower. Attempting to control your transformation through sheer willpower...Causes you to succumb to it? 2) Wererats are CR 2...
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    Irony Rations

    A thread for those ironic moments where you had a thought resembling "Fe! It's fun, anyway." 1) Playing Team Fortress Classic with a server I found once that had only bot players in it. They were right at the top among the most helpful, organized and coordinated teams I have ever played...
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    Most unique RAW-legal item used in a game

    We all of course have stories of items a GM or player came up with to throw a curveball into play that relied only on Rule 0. However, from daggers which blind or deafen their target to swords which cast Grease on their target, RAW contains plenty of room for offbeat items. So, what would be...
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    Balance one spell

    The rules are simple: Pick one ninth-level spell, and balance it versus the revised time stop. Once all OGL spells have a revised version, then I will pick one first-level spell and the set will continue from there. At the end of this thread, there will be a selection of balanced spells for use...
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    Checking assumptions

    In which I go on a daring quest of munchkinism. Assume Level 20 AC Bonus (Deflection): ( Bonus^2 ) * 2,000 gp AC Bonus (Other): ( Bonus^2 ) * 2,500 gp +5 Full Plate Armour: 51,500 gp +4 Cape of Deflection: 32,000 gp +3 Ring of Insight to AC: 22,500 gp +3 Ring of Luck to AC: 22,500 gp +4 Amulet...
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    Dwarven Scalped?

    Dwarven Forge is beautiful gaming terrain. Fantastic. On the website, the news item for Sunday 03 says that the game tiles will be in stock at noon, November 12th. It is currently past local noon (and is past noon for most of the world), and I see that the game tiles are out of stock. Checking...