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    How do I submit news? When I try to start a news thread, I am told I don't have permission.
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    New Trail of Cthulhu Releases and Page XX

    See Page XX is the free Pelgrane Press webzine. I'll use this thread to announce it Jump here for the contents page and poll. Articles View from the Pelgrane's Nest by Simon Rogers, all you need to know about Pelgrane this month. Shift your Scene Linkage with DramaSystem by Robin D Laws, a...
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    [Pelgrane] The Esoterrorists and the GUMSHOE system

    The Esoterrorists, a new stand-alone game from Robin D Laws is now available by mail order and from your FLGS. It is the start of a range of games featuring the new GUMSHOE system, designed to run games with an investigative component. It will be closely followed by GUMSHOE Horror, and The...
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    New version of Call of Cthulhu - survey

    Pelgrane Press are producing a new Lovecraftian roleplaying game under license from Chaosium written by Ken Hite based on a new system by Robin Laws. We are looking for feedback. We'd appreciate it if you filled in our survey. http://www.my3q.com/home2/124/profantasy/cthulhu.phtml