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    PF2E Preparing Hellknight Hill

    Nice write-up! Lots of good thoughts about how to strengthen the adventure. I especially like the suggestion about having multiple adventures on offer at the Call for Heroes, and turning the Calmont thing into more of an active investigation. (And I also agree that Ralldar is a TPK threat that...
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    PF2E Release Day Second Edition Amazon Sales Rank

    Yeah, looking at Amazon rankings over time, the PF2 CRB rank has noticeably slumped starting in August, while the 5e PHB sales have remained steady. (Source: Amazon Sales Estimator, plugging in ASIN: 1640781684) Interesting. One possibility is that after holding more or less steady (relative...
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    PF2E Is this a fair review of PF2?

    As Philip Benz noted, the CRB Alchemist is generally thought to be the weakest class. Of the three CRB research fields (Bomber, Chirurgeon, and Mutagenist), only the Bomber seems to be viable (given CRB-only options), and (in my experience) even that's a bit underwhelming. Some good news on...
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    SF Starship Operations Manual - Discussions

    I haven't had the opportunity to actually play with the options in the Starship Operations Manual (SOM) yet. But I think the main things that have made starship combat less fun for us are: It seems like only one or two players (pilot and gunner) get to do interesting things. Well-built custom...
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    PF2E About Agents of Edgewatch

    An interesting response. A couple thoughts: I'm not sure why you think Paizo thinks this? They're apologizing and donating part of their proceeds because they know this was a mistake, and are trying to do what they can to mitigate the mistake. Now, some have suggested that it would be better...
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    PF2E Release Day Second Edition Amazon Sales Rank

    A brief follow-up on this. A historian has recently started working on a comprehensive history of Paizo. There are lots of interesting little nuggets to be found in the stuff they've been posting (Paizo LLC was almost dissolved by the State of Washington after some key paperwork was lost in the...
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    PF1E Pathfinder 1.5 rumblings: Corefinder

    I’ve definitely found that there’s a gap between how fun an AP is to play, and how fun it is to read/how fun it seems it’ll be after reading it. I’ve found most Paizo APs to do pretty well in both respects. But if you’re looking for Paizo APs whose “wow” factor and “this will be so much fun to...
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    PF2E How is PF2E prep and GMing?

    I’ll second this. That said, I’ll confess that my favorite parts of Paizo’s recent APs have been ones which have placed more emphasis on skill and RPing challenges. The second book of Age of Ashes is a good example. The party is invited as guests to an elven city with the goal of making a good...
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    PF2E Dirge of Doom Clarification

    I think RAW is ambiguous, in more than one respect. The main ambiguity relevant to your example is whether the Fear condition Dirge of Doom inflicts is an "ongoing effect" of the cantrip or not. If it is, then the description of Composition spells (p99, CRB) tells us that any "ongoing effects"...
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    PF2E Martials > Casters

    That's interesting. I've had the opposite impression; Wizards seem better positioned with respect to metamagic in PF2 than PF1. In PF1, both Sorcerers and Wizards can get pretty much any metamagic feat. The Wizard gets some bonus feats which can be used on metamagic feats. The Sorcerer gets...
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    PF2E Trying out PF2 for the first time

    The demo adventure is a decent short intro to some PF2 basics, though you might consider adding the weak adjustment to the first opponent, who otherwise has a decent chance of dropping a character in a single blow. (I'm not sure why Paizo made the first encounter of it's demo adventure so...
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    PF2E Kingmaker Adventure Path's Cover Art

    I thought is was solid. Not amazing, but not terrible either. For first time players, you might consider running something like The Trailblazer's Bounty as a one shot. People seemed to like it, and it gives people a good feel for some of the different features of PF2. Alternatively, you might...
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    PF2E Kingmaker Adventure Path's Cover Art

    There is one plot-unrelated encounter which is a possible TPK (it’s in area D3, if you have the book). But you can apply the weak template to make it manageable. Other than that, though, I think it’s fine, difficulty-wise. Challenging, but not overwhelming.
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    PF2E Kingmaker Adventure Path's Cover Art

    FWIW, a lot of people have found the Fall of Plaguestone to be significantly harder than most Paizo modules. (It came out as the rules were being finalized, and so doesn't seem to appropriately gauge the difficulty of encounters.) So if that's their first PF2 experience, you might want to make...
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    PF2E PF2E like D&D 4e?

    In my experience, Rogues in PF2 are great. They're the undisputed skill-masters -- getting twice as many skill boosts and skill feats as any other class, and are able to advance to high levels of proficiency at earlier levels. And they're very good in combat -- it's easy to flank now that most...
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    PF2E Pathfinder 2e: Actual Play Experience

    FWIW, I think the developers stated that they weren't aiming to have PF2 be a 5e competitor, but rather a game that appealed to people who didn't like 5e because they wanted a crunchier ruleset. (Though, of course, PF2 is still streamlined and less crunchy than PF1/3.5e, so they were clearly...
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    PF2E Martials > Casters

    I think the strongest case for adding a bonus to spell attacks is the fact that the rules for constructing NPC spellcasters in the Gamemastery Guide assign them a spell attack bonus 8 lower than their spell DCs (Table 2-11), not 10 lower, as for PCs. (And these rules fit the the stats given to...
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    PF2E Actual AP Play Experience

    I'm happy to hear that the Alchemist has been playing well at your table. Our experience with the Alchemist hasn't been as positive. The Alchemist in question is relatively optimized (Bomber specialty, Dex 16 and Int 18, Half-Elf for shortbow access), played from levels 1-3 in Extinction Curse...
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    Best Paizo AP to convert to 5e?

    Wrath of the Righteous. (And for what it's worth, I completely agree with EthanSental - although the mythic rules are problematic, the storyline is pretty cool.)
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    Best Paizo AP to convert to 5e?

    Those are definitely fantastic APs. And since the earlier APs have gotten the most play (both because they've been around longest, and because they're not battling "AP fatigue") they're the ones that most people have happy memories of. But a number of the later APs have been highly praised by...