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    (Greek/demi-human)Gods in Deities&Demi-gods

    I was very bored one day and had a great idea for a world. All the mythical gods(greek partheon) for this world left after no one worship them and started there own world. They a rulers of the land. So a simple mortal can meet a deity(Demi to Greater). Also to note Elves(high,wood) and...
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    Gnome attribute changes

    A smarter idea is to make them subraces. one has +2 con, -2 str and one +2 int, -2 str. You can also add other stuff to make them differ. In one of the Dragon(the one about gnomes), they include two new subraces, the Arcane Gnome(has a +2 int) and the River Gnome(lives in water), also both have...
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    HELP! I don't have PDF!!

    Please can someone transfer the PDF files on Wizards.com. I need the bonus enchantments on Speaker in Dreams and Deep Horizion Thanks
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    Resitdent(?) Evil D20

    Lets make a R.E. d20 on the boards. Start with Zombies then other creatures of horror. And no I don't want to use the Zombies in the MM. I want all the help I can get. I know there is a product that is coming out with rules covering horror setting but I was wonder we can make a game setting...
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    What is going on with the realms??????!! Help

    In FRCS it said that new events will happen. I think it said that for every 3 months in real life there is one month in the realms. I just want to know whats the latest things that is happening in the realms or were can i find info like this:) Thanks
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    The Knight Class

    The reason for the favored enemy is because a Knight can pick a kingdom/evil(or good)race that is a enemy of his kingdom. For Smite Chaos, all knights are servants of a king of a lawful kingdom and are against chaos. As for Power of Knighthood, it does seem stupid I guess I'll change it. It...
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    The Knight Class

    THE KNIGHT CLASS AL: Can not be Chaotic Hit Dice: D10 Attack Bonus: High Saves: Fighter Skills: As Aristocrat(4+Int) The Knight Bonus Feats: As a Fighter. At Levels 1, 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20. Knights can take the Weapon Spec feat. Knight's Honor: All knights are immu. to fear(magic or...
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    Alt. Sorcerer Domain New Thread

    Can you post the final draft of Alt. Sorcerer here.. Please:)
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    The Knight Class

    Bump, please someone post the reasons why
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    New Race: Wyrmtouched

    my Version ... Drakmen have the following traits: +2 Strength +2 Charisma: Like their ancestor’s wyrmtouched possess great strength, a powerful force of personality and an innate talent for sorcery. Base speed: 30 ft Natural Armor +1: Wyrmtouched have tough skin with patches of scales the...
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    The Knight Class

    I was thinking of using this in my (FR)campaign. The Knight(not all knights have to be paladin or anti-paladin like) Hit Dice: D10 Attack Bonus: High Saves: Fighter Skills: As Aristocrat(4+Int) The Knight Skill Focus:Knowledge(Nobles) as a free feat. At level 2 Bonus Feats: As a Fighter. At...
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    Hybrid Ideas

    Hey I to lazy to make my own but I will help by giving you guys Ideas. Elephants+Tyrannosaures, Dire Sharks+Gaint Eagle. That some. Post another or post the stats.:)
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    How Do You Play

    Can someone tell in very easy terms.Thanks:)
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    Am I the only person in Enworld that is under 15. I'm 13. I like to roleplay more that to hack'in slash. Anyway just wanted to know.;)