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    5E Latest Core Rule Books Errata

    I was looking through the latest Sage Advice Compendium released in Oct 2020. This document links to the official errata documents, and according to those, the PHB is in the 12th printing, the DMG and MM are both in the 10th printing. If I understand things correctly all the errata in these...
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    Level Up (A5E) How Much Would You Pay At What Format?

    What format would you like to see this take shape in, and what are you willing to pay? Any answer is acceptable.
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    5E New Ice Wind Dale Map Is Great

    Comes with Ice Wind Dale hardback, Rime of the Ice Queen.
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    Affects of the Pandemic: MSWF for work, Familyries . or Children.

    Ive had a few strange occurrences happen to me. For the first two months I spent complexly in the house. Then I mustered up the courage to go to the stores. Other than a few bars Ive been home...either sleeping, climbing the walls or drinking on a Thursday I got 4 old friends that come over...
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    General Egyptian 20 sided die

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    5E St. Patrick's Day Adventure Monster Suggestions

    St. Patrick's Day is Tuesday March 17 this year. I'll most likely running a game within a few days of the actual holiday if not on it and I want to run single session set on the premise. Any low level creatures (1-5), that's not a leprechaun, that people could suggest to fit this motif would...
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    MLK jr Day

    Since there is no general forum I can ses I'll put this here. Today in the United States of America is Martin Luther King Jr Day. Signed into office by President Ronald Reagan in 1983. Message being you show me love and respect, I will show you love and respect in return. We are all equal...
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    5E Looking For a Gladiatorial/Arena Module

    Does anyone know of a 5E module with a gladiator/arena theme? Any edition will do I honestly, just need to mine it for ideas. Wasn't there a 3E book by a 3PP called Blood and Sand, anyone remember the exact title and the publisher? I looked and cant seem to find it. Thanks!
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    WotC Movie Update

    https://comicbook.com/gaming/2019/11/27/dungeons-and-dragons-movie-forgotten-realms-eye-of-vecna/ .. Using the Eye of Vecna could serve as a precursor to Dungeons & Dragons introducing the lich-god as an even greater threat, or even as a way to introduce other D&D characters. Notably, actor Joe...
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    5E RFtLW and Ravinica "suggestion" tables

    Rising From the Last War and Ravnica both have significant space dedicated to what I'll call suggestion tables, Roll 1d10 to see...theres an old crone in a lightning rail car eating prunes from a rusted rations tin, as she meets your gaze she looks away then runs for the head car. To me theres...
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    Ive looked at the map in the FRE1 Shadowdale adventure, FR Revised Campaign Setting Shadowdale book, and the 3.5 Shadowdale: Scouring of the Land and there is no scale for the Shadowdale and Vicinity map. Does anyone know what the scale on this map should be? FSR1: Dalelands show the village...
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    5E 16 pgs or Less

    I want smaller modules. Whatever happened to the 16 pg. Dungeon? From WotC, not DMs Guild.?
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    5E Limited Magic and Magical Items Campaign

    Im looking to run a low magic 5E D&D campaign, one where the players are primarily martial/stealth type classes rather than spellcasters and where their access to spells and magic items are less than normal. The sidebar "Are Magical Items Necessary In a Campaign" on pg 136 of Xanathars Guide to...
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    Undermountain - The Current Clack

    Im starting to write my new Undermountain campaign. Made me think of hooks to get my current party down there, Years ago I came up with some hooks. There was some generators around then so I may have gotten some from them. But lets have a discussion on goals that your PCs would go into UM...