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    3E/3.5 Question - Demoralize Opponent

    A player asked me this today, and I'm not sure how to answer it. I told him that I'd think about it and get back to him. Let's say that two PCs are fighting one foe. PC Alfred is successful using the Intimidate skill to Demoralize Opponent. This makes the target shaken. Does PC Benford...
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    3E/3.5 Charge!

    I am setting up a Conan game for my players. This is a brand new game, and there will be some players new to Conan. I'm using the Conan RPG by Mongoose, which is based on d20 3.5. I'm looking for opinions on how you would describe the situation to a new player who isn't used to the rules...
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    3E/3.5 3.5 E Training

    This pertains to D&D 3.5E - Training I'm just thinking out loud here. Saying, "What if...". I'm inspired by page 86 of the AD&D DMG (First Edition). There, it says that experience points do not indicate that a character has reached a new level. Instead, the points indicate that the...
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    Mystara Codex Immortalis

    This is a pretty amazing fan made book. We gamers are so creative! BOOK 1: GUIDE TO THE IMMORTALS BOOK 2: RELIGIONS OF MYSTARA
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    Human Only Game Worlds

    I'm looking for stuff to convert to my Conan campaign. Are there any game worlds out there (with adventures) that feature a human only game universe? Although preferable, it doesn't have to use d20 rules. You know, games worlds like Game of Thrones or Thieves World. Suggestions?
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    Predestination starring Ethan Hawke

    Every turn on a film, have low expectations, and the film exceeds what you thought? That just happened to me with a little low budget science fiction film that I've had on the the DVR for a couple of years. It's called Predestination, starring Ethan Hawke. Evidently, it's an Australian film...
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    12 Monkeys The TV Show

    I've been recording 12 Monkeys, the TV show, for a couple of years now. I've got, I think, 30 episodes recorded, and I see that a new season is starting up in January. Anybody watch this show? I loved the movie that its based on. And, I just started the show. Looks good!
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    Which New Major Character From The New Trilogy Do You Like Best?

    here's not enough room in the title to continue with "...in the new trilogy." I figure there's no reason to rate the new characters from Rogue One since they all died. So, the question for this poll is: If you could only pick one, which new major character do you like best from the new...
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    Kalamar! Scarred Lands!

    These two game settings interest me. I've had an eye on Kalamar for decades, but I've never made the move. It looks like a fantastic, well developed setting. Then, there's the Scarred Lands. Lots of Greek-type mythology. The game seems to have a strong, gritty, frontier vibe to it. It...
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    Creating a Character VS Discovering a Character

    I'm old school. I prefer to roll dice and discover a character by what the dice tell me. I much prefer a system like 1E AD&D where you random roll stats and then see what type of character you have qualified to play. You can't play a Paladin unless your rolls qualify. Classic Traveller is...
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    Star Trek Prime Directive RPG

    I've owned this game since it came out in 1993, and I've never had a chance to play it. Too bad for me. I've been looking over it, and it's a damn fine RPG. It's a hell of a lot better game the newest Star Trek RPG that's hit the market. The game's task system is impressive. It's generally...
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    Required Space For Weapons?

    Back in my AD&D days, weapons had a required space stat that told the DM how much room was needed to wield the weapon. Does D&D 3.0/3.5 have a similar rule? Do Medium weapons require 5' of space? If you're in a 5' wide cavern corridor, can you use a polearm?
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    GREAT NEWS! FFG is going to publish WEG's First Edition Core Rulebook for their amazing D6 Star Wars RPG. READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE!
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    3E/3.5 D&D 3.5 Cities and Towns Question

    As most of you know, I run a game using the Mongoose Conan RPG rules--a game based on, but much different than, D&D 3.5. Cities in the supplements are described using these descriptors: Population Size Average Population Density Average Number of Structures Wealth Limit Ready Cash...
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    Just stumbled across these films. Mythica. Evidently, there's a ton of them. Looks like crap. Looks very "D&D", though. In the first trailer, the chick says, "I need a thief." Kevin Sorbo is in some of them (maybe all of them, I'm not sure). They remind me of those cheapie 80's sword &...
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    Modiphius 2d20

    Question about the Modiphius house system, 2d20: What is to stop a player from maxing out his extra dice buys every time he rolls a task? Yes, I understand that DOOM or whatever it is called in a specific game is built up with the GM, but does that really matter? Conceivably, could a player...
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    Stat Blocks Kill Me

    I love 3.5 E. I really do. I think it's great how characters can grow and become customized with special abilities (Feats and Skills) to make them individualistic, even among those of their own class. The Feats and Skills systems waters down a more rigid, distinctive class system. It's...
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    Modiphius 2d20 Conan Question

    I know the Modiphius guys prowl these woods, and I have a question for them. I'm looking at the new Conan game, and I saw that Cimmerian is considered a language that is commonly spoken during the Hyborian Age. My eyes got a little wide at that, as the game is touted as being written by Conan...
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    Tim Lebbon has written a pretty darn good book set in the Alien universe, and, from what I understand, his story is considered canon (unlike most books written for the universe). ALIEN: OUT OF THE SHADOWS It takes place between the first two films, Alien and Aliens. The way Lebbon ties in...
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    Terran House using (TOS) Romulan Bird of Prey

    Pic of a house on Earth using a warp nacelle from a (TOS) Romulan Bird of Prey for power!