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    5E Using all 6 abilities for saves

    My PCs use Cha to ruin the lives of NPCs, and Wis to save their own a**. Cha is above-average in value in role-play and interactions with NPCs, so it can be below-average in saving throws. IMHO, Same goes for the other stats. Overall the game is pretty well-balanced.
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    5E Interrupting rests

    On roll20, the text is currently: A Long Rest is a period of extended downtime, at least 8 hours long, during which a character sleeps or performs light activity: reading, talking, eating, or standing watch for no more than 2 hours. If the rest is interrupted by a period of strenuous...
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    5E Lawful Evil character - follow up advice needed! Spoiler for Kingmaker

    I would sit down with your players and do another Session Zero. A "Goodie-good-paladin" and an "Everybody-must-listen-to-me-or-else-druid" character are not a happy combination. In case you (as a group) decide to keep these characters unchanged, there is a challenge for the DM to design...
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    5E Which three classic settings do you hope for?

    Forgotten Realms has become almost the default game world for D&D 5E, as GreenTengu already wrote above. However, there is no updated map of the entire continent or the other continents. If you want to play anywhere outside of the Swordcoast, you are stuck with maps of 3E/4E, which is made...
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    General What would a deity feel when followers pray to it?

    In the D&D realms, what would a deity feel when its followers pray to it? Can it distinguish individual prayers? Does it gain extra power from each prayer (does prayer act as a fuel to its divine powers)? I realize that a lot is not described in the books. Just looking to what you think...
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    5E What's fun about being a DM?

    Best things about being a DM: Improvisation when the PCs inevitable jump off my carefully laid out railroad in the first 10 minutes of gameplay. :ROFLMAO: Building the world behind the story, so I know what happens after the players jumped off my railroad. :sneaky: Roleplaying a character that...
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    5E 5 Essential Encounters in a Wizard's Tower

    My 2 cents on essential encounters in a wizard's tower: Essential: A room full of traps and illusions - flavoring depends on the school of magic of your wizard An animated armor or something similar A golem Flavoring, depending on your taste and depending on the type of wizard: A pack of...
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    5E How VTTs Can Enhance Monster Tactics

    I have a big whiteboard and a spare laptop that I put upside down on a stool (with the camera facing down). Does that count as a Virtual Table Top? It allows all the features of a face-to-face session, minus the spilled drinks and crumbs of all the snacks.
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    5E How to convince better half

    It will only work if she fits in with the group of friends. If she does and she enjoys hanging out with the group outside of the game, then it should be easy enough to let her join a session - perhaps at first as a guest.
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    5E You Can Now Get Minis For The D&D Combat Wheelchair

    Dwarf in wheelchair is wielding two axes and still manages to move around. Wizard manages to point somewhere 150 ft away and make a 40ft diameter fireball appear. You tell me which one is less realistic. Gonna check if they deliver to mainland EU or only UK. Found so far that they won't do a...
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    5E Is Intimidate the worse skill in the game?

    As a DM, I use intimidation rolls a lot (I let my players roll for it a lot). A typical situation is: PCs and an NPC are negotiating. PCs can't immediately get what they want, and because they are a chaotic bunch (both in and out of character) they usually try some shenanigans: bribing, lying...
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    5E Tier 2 treasure troves - Not enough gold!

    If you cannot get enough gold as an adventurer, then perhaps you're not cut out for adventuring. Perhaps you should go back to work on the farm. * hides behind his many chests of gold *
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    5E Suggestion: Broken?

    I think DMs just gotta accept that every now and then the PCs pull off something ridiculous that ends a fight in round 1. If you are able to embrace such moments and weave it into the story as an important moment, then it will be memorable and you'll be talking about it years from now. Such...
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    5E Ranger Halfling

    You come from a long line of forest dwellers, and your job is to be small.
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    5E Rename the Monster Manual

    I see no objections to renaming the Monster Manual to Anthology of Antagonists as suggested earlier which is a really cool name. Except someone else will take offense at "antagonists", and demand something more neutral. Nothing is equal in the world of D&D, and forcing equality into the game...
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    5E Your thoughts on these homebrew spells

    So, let's say you roll a 3 on the 1d4, using the 1st level Sigil of Dis, and you got a +4 on the spellcasting ability modifier. The target loses 3+4=7 hp, but gains 14 temporary hp. For a level 1 spell that seems reasonable. I would work a little on the exact choice of words. Spells usually...
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    5E 5e is Fun to play, as a player

    I can't see myself ever changing from 5E. It's good. It allows very free and open roleplay and character building, as well as gritty dungeon crawls and hack-and-slash games. And in all campaigns that I play - both as player and DM - we go back and forth between those play styles. What's so...
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    General How Was Your Last Session?

    Session Zero! Characters all said what they wanted to play, which went all over the place. We went through some scenarios, found out that the group didn't work together very well, players all compromised a bit and adjusted their characters. We didn't even make character sheets yet, but I...
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    5E Survivor 5e Giants (M-Z) - Thunderous applause for the Storm Giant

    Mouth of Grolantor 20 Nivix Cyclops 16 Ogre 19+1=20 Ogre Battering Ram 20 Ogre Bolt Launcher 10 Ogre Chain Brute 20 Ogre Howdah 20 Oni 24 Orzhov Giant 20 Rot Troll 14-2=12 Scrag 20 Spirit Troll 20 Stone Giant 22 Stone Giant Dreamwalker 22 Storm Giant 22 Storm Giant Quintessent 22 Troll 19 Troll...
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    5E Hex Shenanigans

    There is most definitely room for silly in my games. If my player would Hex a chicken, the player would probably have to make a roll of some kind. I'd probably have to improvise, and go for an animal handling check to see if they can prevent the chicken from killing itself. Hex is a powerful...