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    [4e] Companion Characters as PCs

    Hi all, I'd like to get some feedback and suggestions about keeping damage and defenses of PCs viable in the following scenario: - I am going to use Companion Characters as full PCs, at least in terms of how many powers they get. But I do want to keep the half-level progression for attacks...
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    13th Age A proposal for replacing the 4e combat/powers framework with the 13th Age one.

    Hi all, so I recently acquired a full set of 4e books, and I wanted to give it a(nother) try. I had already bought and DMed it back in 2008, and although I loved many aspects of it, I never warmed to the idea of minis and maps (both for the time it takes to play out encounters, and as a...
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    [D&D 3.0] Printings

    Does anyone know if different printings were issued of the DMG and MM core 3.0 books? If so, how to distinguish them? (e.g. ISBN) I own the PHB 2nd printing, which contains all the errata. For the other books, I have the errata, and it is mentioned that 2nd printings would contain them. Oh...