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    WCP's Monstrous Garage is out!

    Have you ever wondered what a particular monster would play like with different attacks? If you've ever thought "should I bump up hit points or defenses?" If you've ever liked a brute creature and said, "but I really need something that plays more like a lurker." WCP's Monstrous Garage is the...
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    Do you miss the tortle?

    I don't know about everyone else but I loved the bipedal turtle race known as Tortles that were introduced back in Dragon #315. I also grew up with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Where is the 4e turtlefolk? 4E needs a hero who can kick some shell! Here it tis...
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    Incredible Insects for 4e

    Need to make your campaign world a little more buggy? Check out these 8 new heroic tier monstrous insects from Escape Velocity Gaming...available now!
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    Baba Yaga ....for 4e D&D

    After browsing several forums and gaming sites, I discovered that the Slavic witch Baba Yaga is quite the beloved figure. For under a dollar ($U.S.) you can get three versions of the famous witch, her devilish dziads, her undead riders, and vehicle versions of her mortar and chicken-legged hut...
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    My Dungeon Doesn't Have Corridors

    Just re-read Greg Bilsland's excellent piece about how his dungeons do contain empty rooms (here). This article made me think...a lot...about my own DMing style. It has changed a ton in nearly 30 years behind the shield. And I realized that in 4th edition my dungeons definitely do not have...
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    Ride in Style with Six Superb Mounts

    Don't just ride around on a boring horse. Grab one of the mounts in Escape Velocity Gaming's newest supplement - "Six Superb Mounts". Each mount is fully illustrated with a new, original drawing. Each has the full 4e stat block and a first-person narrative-style description. Enjoy the bonus...
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    City Slices I is done!

    Looking for a way to improve your pcs trips to the city? How about trying to stop a runaway carriage? Put a fire in the marketplace out. Find a rare collectible coin. Tons of npcs to meet and haggle with (as a skill challenge no less), magic items, poisons, products, and foods to buy...
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    More Pots for Kobold Slingers

    I've always enjoyed the 4E Kobold Slinger and the image of little reptilian sneaks chucking pots of what-not at the pcs. However, officially, we only have glue, fire, and stink as types of pots..... dramatic pause....until now! Pop over to Escape Velocity Gaming for eight new pots to toss at...
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    Review and reskin for Dark Sun

    I think there may be a LOT of people who are missing out on some terrific monsters in the Dark Sun Creature Catalog simply because they are not playing in Athas. You would be shocked at the versatility of the monsters in the DSCC. I have posted a short review along with some re-skinning tips...
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    Vanquisher Campaign

    I have started a new campaign entitled the "Vanquisher Campaign". I have made extensive use of Angry DM's "Slaughterhouse system" to build the entire campaign world and one of my players is blogging the adventures at my website. I, as DM, add comments in red lettering. It will be updated...
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    Adventuring in the Desert?

    Going into the desert soon? Better gear-up with Vexing Sands from Escape Velocity Gaming and Inked Adventures. Three pages of desert details and blank desert tiles for all fantasy rpgs (along with seven deadly scenarios to kickstart the fun!) Check out this incredible, new product here Vexing...
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    4E Monsters for Free!

    If you have thought about purchasing Urban Adversaries and remain on the fence, please check out "Haunting Trio" a FREE supplement featuring three frightfully good monsters (one for each tier of play) available now at rpgnow.com! Haunting Trio features the Dreamdweller Raven, the...
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    4e Monsters Galore- Urban Adversaries out now!

    Escape Velocity Gaming is delighted to announce that Urban Adversaries is available now at rpgnow.com and drivethrustuff.com. Urban Adversaries is a 56 page pdf which features entertaining and challenging monsters designed to be dropped into urban environs. Undead, shadow-loving serpents...
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    Feats, Monsters, and more - NEW website

    Please take a look at my new website (launched on April 1st, but we're not fooling around!) Escape Velocity Gaming We're putting out new monsters, feats, reviews, and more! Our first monster is an April Fool's special ;)! Thanks for your time! William C. Pfaff aka Wcpfish
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    New Website is UP!

    Please check out my new website Escape Velocity Gaming! My site promotes the 4th edition of the world's most popular role-playing game and features free monsters, feats, reviews, and more! Also keep an eye out for Urban Adversaries, my collection of 24 new monsters that dwell in town and village...
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    Quick N Easy Damage Question

    I thought I had this down, but now I'm second guessing myself.:erm: 1) A PC attacks with a mace using both hands. Damage is 1d8+1 (thanks to versatile property). IF he uses a power that deals 2 [w] damage is it now 2d8+1 or 2d8+2 (applying versatile twice). 2) Same question but Magic...
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    Attention DM's : Something Fun

    Just had to share something I did with my party this past weekend. They had a major overland journey to take in order to infiltrate a goblin compound. I (as the DM) typed up three random encounters and included notes on set-up, monster tactics, and made monster and terrain tiles and slightly...