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    WotBS Artwork of Castle Korstull

    My group just started adventure #6, and itd be awesome to see any artwork of the Castle from the outside to show my players. Does anyone have any art of the castle? There doesn't seem to be any official art made for the adventure, but perhaps a player or GM might have done their own?
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    WotBS Struggling with Haddin

    Hey all, My players have brought Haddin along into the fire forest, but I'm really struggling to utilize him in any meaningful way. He tends to just be following them through the forest, and I'm finding it hard to have him do anything interesting. Most of the time he seems to stay out of the...
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    WotBS Question about the structure of Chapter 2

    My players have just reached the village ruins just past Indomitability's Trial and I have a question about the upcoming section. They have been told to go to free Indomitablity who is trapped beneath the lake, so I'm wondering how the story steers the players towards exploring up river first...
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    Looking for a 5-10 session low level module

    I've been tasked with running a short module based game so I've been having a look around for some interesting 5-10 session length modules. Mostly what I can find are either just one shots, or longer adventures meant to be part of a longer campaign (PF APs etc.) Does anyone know any good...