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    5E As a DM, what monster abilities do you find difficult to run?

    Spell-casting. Any spell list over 10 long is too much to manage. Usually, fights are over so quickly the caster can only get one or two spells off anyway.
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    6E Class features with drawbacks

    MtG is a single player game. In DND with multiple players, it’s way too easy to make drawbacks become negligible.
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    6E Class features with drawbacks

    I think the developers have been pretty clear why they didn’t include drawbacks in character classes.
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    General Music in Discord game?

    When we played in my place, I used spotify feeding through my AppleTV stereo system. But now, I use the Jukebox Bot on Discord and assigned one of the players as the DJ :p
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    D&D and the rising pandemic

    Agreed! There are places in the world that are quite warm now and are still experiencing deaths from Covid-19
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    5E DnD Beyond with VTT

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    D&D and the rising pandemic

    Thank you for your service to your community and the world as a whole!
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    General Has anyone seen this Wired article about using D&D to teach AIs?

    Google created an AI which turned into a Nazi. So, I'm not too hopeful for an AI DM.
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    General Death House - A Scooby Doo Adventure

    Does it have to be so literal? Just make the Scooby character a cowardly gnoll or kobold who can be bribed into doing things for snacks.
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    General Nominate your favourite D&D villain!

    Rary. No one knows how to blind side like him!
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    TSR The Lost City - Goodman Games Next Classic TSR Adventure Revisited

    I love the idea of updating classic D&D modules for 5e. But, I hate the fact that Goodman Games wastes pages on reprinting them verbatim and then the updated version. Anyone who wants the old modules can get them easily enough. So far, it's been a hard pass from me. I want to see a lot more...
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    Critical Role Critical Role's Kickstarter Breaks $1,000,000 In About An Hour!

    It’s called free advertising. Any company would love to have fans streaming their products weekly.
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    5E Poison Use

    I have a paladin/rogue in the group I'm running. He's starting to ask questions about poison. I've found pretty solid rules governing harvesting poison, but I'm concerned about the application part. He's already wielding a flame-tongue, can divine smite, and get sneak attack (under the proper...
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    UA Unearthed Arcana: Revenant Subrace, Monster Hunter, and Inquisitive

    The Inquisitive is such a clunky name. I'd call them Investigators in my game.
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    3E/3.5 Thoughts of a 3E/4E powergamer on starting to play 5E

    The problem with the huge number of choices in 4e is that it takes a large investment of time to make character. I think the designers realized most people don't think sitting in room alone studying rulebooks and reading charops forums was fun. The fun comes from actually playing the game...
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    5E Hobgoblin Captain Damage

    On page 186 of the Monster Manual the Hobgoblin Captain's greatsword damage is listed as piercing. Shouldn't it be slashing?