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    General Clerics and Divine Ascension

    so this is going to be a short one, im mostly just sharing an idea that crossed my mind and people are probably going to mostly be like "thats cool" or "thats not for me", and "heres what the books say", or "heres what i do", or "why would you even play a game at this level" i dont know what...
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    5E ludonarrative dissonance of hitpoints in D&D

    lets talk about ludonarrative dissonance ludonarrative dissonance is the conflict between a game's narrative told through the story and the narrative told through the gameplay. now this might seem like an odd thing to consider when discussing rules, however the rules of D&D are representations...
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    5E Realistic/Historic armor for D&D (Homebrew)

    so I'm not really a huge fan of 5e, but i got into a discussion the other night with someone on discord about realistic armor, they sent a video about a guy refuting another guy i watch on youtube's argument that armor should not be based on AC but instead damage resistance. i kinda think "why...
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    5E Where does negative energy fit into the D&D chrono-cosmology?

    Negative energy is that energy which fuels undead in a way that positive energy fuels the living. So to question where negative energy fits into the D&D chrono-cosmology we must also determine where positive energy fits. Seemingly positive energy is more understandable, its energy that fuels...