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    5E How would glowing weapons interact with the darkness spell?

    Some weapons have built in light shedding capabilities in their descriptions, and there is a minor magic item property that causes a weapon to shed some light. What do you think should happen when this weapon's light comes in contact with the darkness spell?
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    5E Streams or podcasts where the groups complete a "standard adventuring day" in a 4 hour session?

    When people start discussing what they get done in a certain amount of time, examples always come up of people getting through a lot more than any of my groups (whether I was player or DM) has ever gotten through in the same amount of time. I'm very curious as to how this happens, and with...
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    5E Stealth and sleeping creatures

    I'm trying to figure out how to handle the ability of a sleeping dragon to notice creatures around it. The dragon has blindsight, which complicates the matter a bit, but I realized I'm not even sure how I want to handle stealth around sleeping creatures in general. Xanathar's Guide to...
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    How do you feel about factions in RPGs?

    Another thread got me thinking. I don't care much for factions in my RPGs. It might be a personality thing. It's fine that there are occasional factions in a setting, but it can easily be overdone for me. Vampire: the Masquerade and it's fellow WoD games are where factions as a big part of the...
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    5E Ramifications of allowing "Help" defensive option

    One interesting about the Help option is that it doesn't provide a defensive use to grant Disadvantage to attacks against an ally. The omission seems intentional, given that Help is similar to the 3e Aid Another which did include a defensive option. The most obvious mechanical implementation...
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    5E What does it mean that a deity can have a different rank on a different world?

    DMG page 11 has a sidebar on Divine Rank. This sidebar is problematic. I'm only going address one problem. We are told: "Some gods are worshipped on multiple worlds and have a different rank on each world, depending on their influence there." But then the different divine ranks are described...
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    5E Folding boat deck plan

    Has anyone been able to turn the description in the DMG of the ship form of the folding boat into a deck plan that works? I'm making a Ghosts of Saltmarsh style ship write-up for it, and I'm having a hard time trying to fit what what the DMG says it has into the dimensions provided.
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    5E Here's why we want a Psion class

    Obviously this is why I want a Psion class, but others are free to share different thoughts. A dedicated psionic character--represented by a character class--has been part of the game since 2e. We need a class to represent that particular ongoing feature of the D&D meta-setting. I could go on...
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    5E An "adventuring day" versus a day in the life of an adventurer

    It occurred to me that when we discuss whether our groups regularly get the assumed 6-8 encounter, 2 short rest adventuring day, there is an aspect I think we sometimes miss. Basically, I don't think every day that you are adventuring needs to be an adventuring day for it to still be meaningful...
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    General What’s a good family friendly stream to show someone what D&D is?

    My sister and/or her husband for some reason don’t want their kids playing D&D. It’s ridiculous, but I’m not going to get in to all the details. I’m planning on talking with them this weekend to find out exactly what their particular objection is, but it occurred to me that nowadays people can...
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    5E Do you mind not experiencing traditional lower level challenges?

    The 5e Monster Manual makes a lot of classic monsters into pretty low-level threats. There are things that traditionally could make a cool solo or boss monster as part of the classic D&D experiences for low-level characters, that just can't in 5e unless your party is level 1 or 2. Heck...
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    5E Customizing Backgrounds Core Rule - Public Service Announcement

    If I had my way, this paragraph in the rules would be in glowing text and emit a beckoning melody whenever you turned to Chapter 4. As it is, many players, even including long-time players, seem to have no idea about it's existence. Customizing a Background You might want to tweak some of the...
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    5E Enough is Enough: WotC needs to add "domain spells" to *existing* sorcerer subclasses

    The new UA is trying out the "domain" spells (2 specific free spells known of each level from 1st - 5th) for a sorcerer subclass. That's 10 more spells known to a class that many feel is sorely lacking in known spells. My reaction to it is: Yes! ...as long as you give it to the existing...
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    5E How challenging is Out of the Abyss?

    I just finished reading my copy, and I'm concerned that the later half is going to be rather easy for characters of the designed levels. The major issue that I'm seeing is that most of the fights that you are actually likely to get into (I'm assuming you aren't trying to launch an assault on a...
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    5E "Attack" of the Invisible Dragons

    The fact that "attack" is jargon referring to actions that require an attack roll in 5e came up in my last session. I'm very familiar with the rule, but my group wasn't so keen on it, and I had a discussion with one of my friends about it later, thinking of ways it could be abused. The abuse...
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    General What's a good site with consolidated setting facts about Greyhawk?

    A year ago I could look up the Ulek states on Wikipedia and get information like what deities were commonly worshiped there and what their coinage was called. Yesterday, I went there to find information about the Holds of the Sea Princes, and all the useful stuff was gone. The entry for Flanaess...
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    General Which standard classes have you never (or very rarely) seen played? (Edited)

    With the thread about how often people have seen psionic characters played (it seemed like a large majority of players have seen them, but it has been rarely for 35%), I thought it would be interesting to see what other classes people have never or very rarely seen played. Obviously, "very...
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    UA WotC Surveys: Implementation vs. Interest

    One thing that came to mind today with regards to the new psionics UA, is that WotC surveys seem to do a really bad job of allows us to express the difference between our level of interest in certain features versus our satisfaction with the implementation. For instance, they gave us several...
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    5E UA Spell Versatility: A deeper dive

    There are some pretty strong reactions to this proposed rules option in the new Unearthed Arcana article. While the discussion is still young, I'm seeing a good amount of non-nuanced evaluation. "Love it!" "Hate it!" Since something like this potentially can have a huge effect on the game(1) and...
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    5E How to fix "once (per long rest) using a warlock spell slot"?

    Okay, nobody likes this. It feels underpowered compared to other invocation options. If I recall correctly, the justification given for the once per long rest limitation was to prevent spamming spells that would be problematic if you could do them repeatedly with short rests. Here are the...