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    Magic Sources Map Icons Preview & Worldographer Update

    It is time to start unveiling the Inkwell Ideas Patreon (sort of an opt-in monthly subscription) map icons for October. This month the theme is “Magic Sources”. As usual we’ll create icons in a battlemat style, overhead buildings style, and world/kingdom map scale icons in both classic and...
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    Outer Space Patreon Map Icon Previews

    Below you’ll find all four previews for Inkwell Ideas's Patreon (sort of an opt-in monthly subscription) of map icons for September. The theme is “Outer Space”. As usual we created icons in a battlemat style, overhead buildings style for a lunar/planetary outpost, and world/kingdom map scale...
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    Today's DriveThru Deal of the Day: Print Your Own Paper Minis & VTT Tokens

    Our Monster Stand-Ins (print them yourself paper minis) are today's DriveThru Deal of the Day! Playing on-line? Our tokens are also on sale.
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    Inkwell Ideas (Worldographer, Sidequest Decks, DungeonMorph Dice, etc.) Founder's Day Sale

    20% off Everything or Buy 2 Dice/Card Sets Get 1 Free Sale It's the 5th anniversary of Inkwell Ideas becoming a full-time venture! To celebrate, we're running a 20% off everything sale or a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale on our physical products. (Pick the sale code listed in the store's banner that...
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    Cliff Dwellers Patreon Map Icon Previews

    Below are all four previews for the Inkwell Ideas Map Icons Patreon (sort of an opt-in monthly subscription) for August. The theme was “Cliff Dwellers” (icons inspired by cultures that lived on the sides of cliffs) and as usual we created icons in a battlemat style, overhead buildings style for...
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    Monthly Free Map Icons Release: Necropolis Isometric World/Kingdom

    Inkwell Ideas has just released a new free map icon set today. It is our Necropolis themed icons for World/Kingdom scale maps in an isometric style. The linked post also links to the prior 10 sets we’ve released free for a total of about 200 icons. Below are the thumbnails for the set:
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    Patreon Mesopotamia Map Icons

    Below are the previews for our Patreon (sort of an opt-in monthly subscription) of map icons for July: Mesopotamia map icons. In each case, we created sample maps using the icons. Our battlemat shows a leader’s throne room, personal chamber, and a cooking area. The set includes 15 battlemat...
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    Free ENnie Freebie: Our 10″ DungeonMorphs

    The Inkwell Ideas 10″ DungeonMorphs were nominated for a 2020 ENnie! So to show them to you, we made the PDF free (thru July 3) with the code “ennies2020”. Art by Keith Curtis with designs by Tim Ballew, Matt Jackson, Sigurd Johansson, Shane Knysh, Dyson Logos, AJ Stone, and Joe Wetzel. These...
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    Patreon Halflings Map Icons

    The Inkwell Ideas Patreon (sort of an opt-in monthly subscription) map icons for June featuring Halflings icons are ready! The full set has just over 100 icons. It has 10 in the isometric world/kingdom style and the same number in the classic world/kingdom map style that cover halfling versions...
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    Free Free World/Kingdom Arabian Map Icons

    This month’s free map icons from the Inkwell Ideas Patreon: classic style world/kingdom scale Arabian themed icons. (Just the ones labeled in the image below.) Get the PNGs from our Patreon post, and if you like what we’re making, consider supporting the project! Each month we hold a vote to...
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    Kickstarter Free PDF Deck of 52 NPC Portrait/Personality/Background Cards

    Inkwell Ideas has been hard at work on a few new System Neutral NPC decks. (Art on the front of each card, background/personality info on the back.) We've got a Kickstarter ending tomorrow (Wednesday the 20th at 11pm US eastern) to make at least 5 decks, and maybe one more (town sidequests)...
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    Kickstarter New NPC Portraits Decks Kickstarter Launches!

    Inkwell Ideas has just launched a new Kickstarter to make three new NPC decks with stretch goals that could unlock two more decks as well as other bonuses. The three main decks are Adventurers, Hirelings, and Townsfolk. Each will have 52 cards, but likely 54 if we hit one of our stretch goals...
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    Release New Fog of War/Explore Feature & Tokens in Worldographer

    Inkwell Ideas just released a large update to Worldographer to facilitate on-line play. Worldographer is already an easy to use role-playing game map editor for world/kingdom maps, city/town/village maps, and dungeon/battlemats. But with the new & improved Fog of War/Exploration functionality as...
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    Free New Free Map Icons Release: Arabian Themed Top-Down buildings

    Inkwell Ideas has just released our free map icons for February. Each month we make new map icons in four styles: world/kingdom classic, world/kingdom isometric, city/villages/settlements, and dungeon/battlemat as part of our Patreon. We also just released the poll that lets anyone (whether...
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    Nomadic Tribes Map Icons Previews

    The Inkwell Ideas Patreon (sort of an opt-in monthly subscription) continues for February with a Nomadic Tribes theme. As we started last month, we’ve expanded our icon sets to total over 100 icons. The first preview shows the icons for settlement & battlemat scale maps. As artist Keith Curtis...
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    Patreon Feywild Patreon Map Icons Previews

    All the Inkwell Ideas Feywild Patreon (sort of an opt-in monthly subscription) previews in one convenient post! This month our theme is the Feywild and we’ve expanded our icon sets to total over 100 icons. This post has a sample map made with each icon style: A sample classic world/kingdom map...
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    Kickstarter New Decks of Beasts & Creature Card Codices Kickstarter

    Inkwell Ideas has just launched a new Kickstarter to help us finish our card adaptations of the creatures from Kobold Press’s Tome of Beasts and Creature Codex book. This Kickstarter will help us decide the size of the print run for the next deck (to have a 4th Deck of Beasts, similar to the 4...
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    Keeps, Monasteries, & More Map Icons

    The Inkwell Ideas Patreon map icons theme for December is Keeps, Monasteries, & More. Early this year we did a month of Wizard Towers and a month of Cleric Towers. This set allows us to add some icons for each of the other traditional fantasy classes for Dungeons and Dragons and other fantasy...
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    Sale Inkwell Ideas (DungeonMorph Dice, Sidequest Decks, Creature Decks) Cyber Monday Sale

    Get 25% off all our Card Decks and Dice sets when you use the code "CyberMon" in our store. This sale goes through Monday Dec 2nd. Our store also includes free US shipping, flat $10 shipping to Canada, and $15/$25 (depending on weight) shipping elsewhere. Sidequest Deck Example (from our...
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    Patreon Post Apocalyptic Patreon Map Icons Previews

    Below is the first preview of new Patreon map icons by Inkwell Ideas for the month: Post apocalypse classic style world/kingdom icons! Each month has a different theme voted on by our Patrons. This month is post apocalyse. For this preview, we created four new terrain icons (radioactive...