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    Thread Indexes (and Threads) Not Updating?

    Hi ... is anyone else having this problem besides me? Whenever I come back to EN World these days, the thread indexes and the threads themselves often as well are not updating to the current information - it's basically just showing what I saw last, and no matter how many times I refresh the...
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    Serious Mucking With The Standard Game Options: Advice?

    Okie, I'm working on the details of my new campaign, and I've come to a point where I'm about to make some fairly big decisions that will limit the options the players have with a trade off in an interesting campaign world. I'm just wondering if I am going too far. :) Here are the basics...
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    Missin' the Gaming Life So Bad ...

    *sigh* I'm Ashtal ... and I used to be a Gamer. Gaming for twenty years now (ye gods), had a huge gaming collection that I've recently paired down to my personal essentials (which is still pretty big), and in the last year, my gaming has dried up. A combination of school and work took up...
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    Password Change Help

    I'm hitting the road for the next few months, and I am trying to assemble a list of all my passwords. The one for ENWorld eludes me at the moment. :p I've sent in a request for a password email, but it hasn't been forthcoming. I'm not sure if it takes a day or two, or if it should be quicker...
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    To thatdarncat!

    You give me your phone number, but don't accept PMs. ;) Anywho: I got your message when I returned home from work yesterday! Sorry I missed you, but I thought you were coming into town in December, the 19th? What happened? :) Still, I hope your stay was pleasent! Ashtal
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    d20 Star Wars & d20 Star Wars Revised Differences?

    There wouldn't be a document floating around out there that listed the changes made between the two editions, would there? The Revised version never made it out to my neck of the woods. Any help is appreciated. :)
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    FYI - My Mod-Retirement & Stuff

    Just wanted to let folks know that I am going to be stepping down as a Mod here on EN World, effective pretty much immediately. I've had a great time here, and think this crew is one of the best on the Internet. I'm not disappearing from the boards, but I am hanging up my mod-hat. The reason...
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    Just .sig testing ...

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    Starship Troopers DVD - Thanks Furn!

    Just wanted to say thanks for the heads up regarding the Starship Troopers DVD commentary by the writer and the director. It was pretty nifty, and illuminating (though when the director made horrible screaming noises, he terrified one of my cats! :D). Anywho, thanks!
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    Re: Posting of WotC Contest Submissions

    Re: Posting of WotC Contest Submissions Guys and Gals: Anthony Valterra has recommended that if you've ENTERED the contest, you shouldn't be posting your entry until after the decision regarding the top ten has been made. So, don't post 'em. At least not until after the NEW AUGUST DEADLINE...
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    Looking for Strength +2 Buff!

    EEP! I need help! :) I'm looking for a magic item that grants a bonus to Strength of the +2 variety, but it can't be a Gauntlet! I've found items for nearly every other Stat (Int, Cha, Wis, Dex) that all go +2 (4,000 gp), +4 (16,000 gp) and +6 (32,000 gp) - except for Strength! There's the...
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    Star Wars d6/d20 Questions

    Figured this would be the place to ask. ;) Okay, I managed to get a copy of the original. Whoa nostalgia. :) There's been a huge bunch of Star Wars material up on the top shelf of the LGS, which the patron offered to me at a huge discount 'cause he's running out of room for all the new...
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    Buffy Season Finale on Tape?

    My brother is a git. :) He missed the second eppie of the finale. Would any of the EN World Readers have a copy of the finale on tape that you could snail mail him, for cost? He's in Canada, like me. Or, know of a place where such a beast can be found on the net for downloading purposes...
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    Going on 'vacation' . . .

    I'll be disappearing for a few days, to all of next week, depending on how things go, so if you need to contact me, please be patient and I'll get to you ASAP. If it's board related, please direct it to one of the other Mods in the interim. Be good! :D Ashtal
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    Evil weapons?

    Alright, so there I am struggling through a chest cold while I DM "Rappan Athuk" for my slap-happy group, when they go and slice and dice Mr. Saracek of the second floor. Whackity, Whack. I go through the treasure that's there, including his really nasty blade, a +2 evil greatsword of...
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    I can't live this lie any more...

    ... It's about time I come clean with all of you. You're my friends, and I can't live this lie anymore. In real life ... I am actually a man. I know, it's hard to believe, but come on... a girl who plays video games? Who doesn't tee hee all the time? You all thought it was true and now ...
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    [Olympics] We Were Robbed! Part 2

    Feel free to continue the ongoing discussion of the recent Pairs Skating Competition and it's fall out here. Meanwhile I have to figure out why the heck the original thread is now an announcement...*grumble*...dang stick mouse wheel... Addendum: Do not post on the touchy skating=sport...
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    They still haven't posted the Ad Astra schedule, even though it starts in two days! I can't commit to anything until I see it. :(
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    (OT) Icewind Dale 2 Announced!

    Here's the appropriate link: http://icewind2.blackisle.com/ YEEHAWWWWWWWWWW!
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    Does EN WORLD...?

    The only way we'll know is if we bring it to the people. :D